Kickstarter Alert: GeekDad-Approved ‘The Artemis Project’ Gets an Expansion

The Satellites & Commanders expansion makes the already excellent 'The Artemis Project' even better.

‘The Book of Form & Emptiness’ by Ruth Ozeki: A Book Review

'The Book of Form and Emptiness' by Ruth Ozeki. A moving meditation on grief, the importance of friends, and the pointlessness of "Stuff."

Review – Duo #1: A Family Affair

What happens when two scientists become one bizarre superhero?

Review – Nightwing #92: The Battle for Bludhaven

A flashback to Dick's early days as Robin leads into a massive battle for the fate of Bludhaven's new Haven.

Review – Batman: The Knight #5 – Spycraft Abroad

How did Bruce Wayne become a master of disguise? Chip Zdarsky peels open the dossier.

Review – Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3 – Wrath of the Demon King

An ancient evil rises to bring hell down on Batman, Superman, and their allies.

DC This Week Roundup – Ladies’ Night

New enemies emerge in Wonder Woman: Evolution #7 and Catwoman #43.

Review – The Flash #782: A Jailhouse Mystery

A villain breakout leads to one of the biggest mysteries yet for the team of Flash and Kid Flash.

Review – Fables #151: Return to Fabletown

Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham return to their most iconic creation for a new saga of family and war.

Review – Earth-Prime: Stargirl #4 – Escape From Blue Valley

The Whitmores and Dugans head on a family road trip—but an old enemy comes calling.

Review – Shadow War Zone #1: Tales From the War

Four tales of mayhem, murder, and treachery from the pages of Shadow War in this oversized anthology.

Review – Galaxy: The Prettiest Star – A Bold New Legacy

Jadzia Axelrod and Jess Taylor debut a new DC icon in this acclaimed young adult OGN.

Explore Strange New Worlds, Seek Out New Life, and Create the Best Combos in ‘Star Trek: Missions’

'Star Trek: Missions' is a fast-paced card game where players draw and discard card to create the highest scoring hand before the game ends.

GeekDad Daily Deal: OMNIA Q5 5-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

Give your Apple devices a boost with the OMNIA Q5 5-in-1 Wireless Charging Station!

GeekDad Review: Excitrus 100W Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

The Excitrus 100W Magnetic Wireless Power Bank looks different thanks to its green fabric cover. It is also different in its high battery capacity and flexible charging options including Qi wireless and 100W USB-C that can be used with laptops.

Re-Roll: This Week’s Tabletop Game News for the Week Ending May 13, 2022

The board game (and board game-related!) news that caught our attention for the week ending May 13, 2022.


Teenagers Compete in a Fantasy World in ‘The Quest’ on Disney+

'The Quest' takes a group of real teenagers into a fantasy world for this ground-breaking, immersive, hybrid competition. The eight-episode series is now streaming on Disney+.

GeekDad Daily Deal: Jamstik® Guitar Trainer

Keep the good tunes going with a Jamstik® Guitar Trainer!

HyperX Wireless Pulsefire Haste Gaming Mouse

HyperX introduces an all-new wireless ultralight gaming mouse into the arena with the Pulsefire Haste to add color to your Spring Gaming.

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