Arizona Sheriff Who Refused To Enforce Lockdown Now Has COVID-19

Trump Campaign Using Symbols Associated With The Nazis To Smear Antifascists

Georgia, still at the forefront of Republican voter suppression.

Mail ballots never received? "You can vote in person."

All voting machines broken? "Oops, our bad."

Two delays already and they haven't got a clue. Well, maybe they do have a clue: maintain power by not allowing citizens to vote.

Problems with Georgia’s new voting computers plagued the state’s primary election Tuesday, leading to lines and voters leaving without casting their ballots:

What possesses people to not wait for a protest to pass them and drive into protesters? I've been in plenty of protests, both permitted and "spontaneous," where motorists were obviously annoyed by the protest. You still can't run people over.

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George Floyd's brother: "He was our gentle giant. I was reminded of that when I watched the video of his murder. ... The man who took his life, who suffocated him for eight minutes and 46 seconds, he still called him sir as he begged for his life"

Out of touch with reality, lying, and lost in a maze of lies, Trump is in the bunker with his tinfoil hat on listening to Russian news programs.

And Republicans think it's fine.

@ChloeResists Teenager running away from him, shot in the back. How is someone running away from you a deadly threat?

Gun culture is out of control. If your only tool is a hammer, everything is a nail.

@AgentCarter_SSR My cat writes better when she runs across the keyboard. 3erefbfg/. @IronMan

Philonise Floyd: 'Is That What A Black Man Is Worth? Twenty Dollars?'


"Never in the course of all human history have we ever had an American leader who has performed as incompetently and ineptly as has Donald Trump during the course of this pandemic."

This is an example of why prosecutors can also be part of the problem in cases of officer brutality and lethal force. I think they should also be held accountable for their role in maintaining injustice.

#COVID19 didn’t disappear like a miracle.

These 9 States Are Seeing a Huge Rise in Coronavirus Hospitalizations | Eat This Not That

The coronavirus is sending more and more people to the hospitals here.


It's well past time for Lindsey to go home.

Let's crush him with donations and work for #JaimeHarrison

South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham is so unpopular, several Republicans tried to primary him out yesterday.

He managed to fend them off while Democratic candidate Jaime Harrison won unopposed.

Lindsey Graham can be beat. Volunteer and donate to Jaime Harrison for Senate and help flip the Senate blue. #JaimeHarrison #FlipTheSenate #SendLindseyHome

Here's why:

Can Lindsey Graham Be Beat? Jaime Harrison believes South Carolina is ready for a young black Democrat.


Just another of the many anti-American, anti-Democracy things that Republicans live for.

Small businesses are still going under and working people haven’t been payed for unemployment because of the Trump administration’s multitude of disasters, but here’s a good choice of where your tax money should go according to them.

Vote them out.

Trump Jr.'s Mongolian sheep hunting trip cost taxpayers about $75,000, documents show:

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