@cwebber Thanks. Submitted my application to join. Username FrankMurphy.

@cwebber I would definitely be interested. How would one go about being invited?

Anyone tried the various apps for ? Which is the best? I'm currently using , but the notifications don't seem to work.

@deadsuperhero "Frisco" makes me cringe. Also "San Fran" to a lesser extent.

I wish I spoke Japanese, apparently it's all the rage here on mastadon.

@adam @ash Contrast that with Libya, where Gaddafi's cronies started defecting left and right when the regime's grip on power began to loosen. Paradoxically, if Assad was a Sunni, this regime would have collapsed 5 years ago because opportunism and self-preservation would have caused a rash of defections, like what happened in Libya.

@ash @adam Assad was only 5 when his dad seized power, so he was groomed/brainwashed from a very early age. Also, the Assads are Alawites, and the regime's senior leadership is dominated by Alawites. They have held the regime together by relying on the belief that Sunnis would slaughter every Alawite in Syria if the regime fell. They see this as a war for survival. That's why there have been so few defections, even when Assad's position was weaker.

The number of users has passed the 200,000 mark. And the beauty of it is that we have no way of knowing who exactly was user no. 200,000.

Anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area who is familiar with the codebase and interested in discussing potential project collaborations or brainstorming ideas?

@morris I would say "join the club", but I think your toot serves to automatically add you to the club.

Is there a way to search for terms that aren't necessarily hashtags? For example, if I want to find toots that include the word "Syria", hashtagged or not, is there a way to do that?

@guretsugu Ah, got it. Thanks. Is there a way to set up custom views (i.e., only users I follow, only users who follow me, only users who I follow and who follow me, etc)?

Is it possible to see a timeline of only the users you follow (or the users who follow you)?


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