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Hello, I'm a resident Wobbly and history nerd with a fondness for books. My posts are mostly politics, but I'll also post other things as well. My anger at capitalism has manifested as sarcasm and the constant urge to pick fights with the fash. I'm looking forward to talking with you all and building solidarity. āœŠ šŸž šŸŒ¹

I'm probably too small of an account for anyone to bother, lol. Small account privileges.

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I'm honestly surprised that I haven't been banned on Twitter yet.

Lol, I haven't tooted anything in four months. Classic.

Me: I'm going to bed early so I can actually have at least eight hours of sleep.

Also me: I'm going to stay up until two in the morning trying to translate a folk story from Finnish.

Not sure how to feel about the bot posts from news organizations composing 80% of the posts in my instance's timeline. Probably demonstrates I've been away from Mastodon too long.

if you are a landlord, delete your account and feel bad

One of these days, I'll go back to making sabo cat memes.

Finally got around to changing my header on this site. I am much pleased.

Reading the Iron Heel by Jack London right now. It's pretty good. Kinda amazed at how he managed to condense much of socialist theory into a work of fiction.

Dammit, I should've hung out in Mastodon for the Democratic debate, it looks like it was a great time.

Me: It's so hot outside. Summer is cancelled.
My brain: You've been wanting to paint over that canvas, and paint dries quickly in this heat...
Me: Summer is un-cancelled.

Me: *does exactly one (1) post*

Me: I've created a lot of quality content for the internet. I'm done for today.

Y'all have been honoring the people who literally threatened the lives of IWW members for 100 years, just let us have our damn plaque already.

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I thought I was one of the few people who cared about Centralia as much as I did (history nerd who gets a little too attached to people who died a long time ago) but I guess not.

Kinda annoyed when only a few people get magic in fantasy novels. A true egalitarian society would be one where everyone has magic.

It's so wild that there are still four states with criminal syndicalism laws on the books. They're not allowed to enforce those laws, but they're still there.

I may have accidentally done an illegal and distributed literature on sabotage. Oh well.

I'd love to find a person who enjoys fighting chuds online as much as I do. Tag-teaming the fash would be amazing.

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