This is fun:

@mus runs a *nstance at with a constraint:

Writing , no 1 should, umm... you can't... hmm, how should I put it?

Thing is, this character, don't put it in your toot!

Want a hint? Take this: *

More about it:

I hereby officially declare @Mitaj to become the unofficial curator. ;)

Oh wait, let me add one myself as well:

Driving instructors, this is a great video to discuss with your students, so many driving mistakes in such a short time!

So I saw a thing abut Ambassador bots yesterday, and I want to revisit that.

I think the idea is fantastic, and I hope it catches on.

I would love to be able to follow the top boosted//favorited toots from every instance.

I would love to be able to engage with the people that those users boost.

This is a better solution to filling the federated timelines than followbots, and I want to see it catch on.

Think about it: thought about to prevent displaying the on his instance

This is a critical point IMHO. Although useful, all these things such as followercounts, ratings, favs are in charge of how to think and behave in .

One of the worst things for example ist to fav others just because you hope, they'll fav you back.

That Japanese Mastodon instance is growing at the rate of 1000+ users an hour

Have been searching for intersting about ?

Then you will find this quite cool:

Realtime updates about the amount of current mastodon instances, total amount of , amount of over time and mastodon .

Everything painted in a beautiful dashboard, easily zoomable.

And also bring to awareness that "public timeline" literally means public, as in, the entire internet. Not just the fediverse.
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I really should visit & hang out at the Mastodon Github Issue Tracker some time…

Issues I'd place there, or would watch out for:

- un-Mute

- temporary Block and temporary Mute
(in the style of old-school IRC 7-day killfiles, or something…)

- "Birdsite"-style Lists
(more like Hootsuite-style, since Hootsuite pioneered Twitter lists before Twitter implemented them iirc…)

- delete user accounts
(this issue is already open and is being tackled)

- edit Toots after publishing


Hmm… Maybe I should write a bot that finds Japanese toots and replies to them with an English translation.

So @chip just brought to my attention, that I am in the mood for some cool tunes right now.


So it's good we have it, right ;) Anyway, what instrument are you playing? Or are you a singer?

So if you want to talk to all these people here or trying to understand what they are talking about, Nicetranslator is your friend:

みんな、すべての英語を理解したい場合はここでトゥーツ、Nicetranslator はあなたの友人;)

Hm, when sending a private message, it is indicated thereafter with an envelope in the home timeline. But when hovering over the envelope, it says "Boost".

this is a , isn't it?

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