«In her Q&A with interns the same day, Sandberg noted that Facebook had been used to raise billions of dollars for charity and had also been an important tool for activists around the world.»

So unfair. You do all that great charity work, but a couple of genocides and suddenly those are all anyone talks about.


@FerdiZ I stopped using the FB donation tool as it is always trotted out for PR soundbites like this. Ditto with the claim that we're good for small businesses (read: they're forced to be on our monopolistic ad and social network platforms to survive)

re: small business, I used FB's marketing tools at $OLDJOB and they were easier and more effective than stitching together mass mailers and the other stuff we were doing before. Plus, no money going to the traditional marketing data firms (which are worse than FB on the privacy side -- important to untangle the privacy issues from the social impact of psyops and rumor spreading at scale).

@jade true. The monopoly aspect is also there though. Eg between a Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Roku the latter is probably worse for privacy, but overall I'd still prefer it because I don't want the same few firms to own everything

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