Ferdi F. Zebua 🌏

In which xkcd mentions Mastodon. And Linkedin. In the same comic.


I want to believe that was part of the joke though. Right?!?


@dredmorbius @automatisms It's typo-SMO, relying on predicting that the target audience is more enthusiastic in sharing criticism & correction than on mushy-mushy feelgood.

Mastodin is a federated & gig-oriented service operating via instances & mobile apps. Founded on 5 October 2016, it is mainly used for horsing around, although occasionally companies post gigs & users post their wildest & most inappropriate thoughts & selfies (&, sometimes, CVs...& cat pics). As of 2018, most of Mastodin's revenue came from selling information about companies, politicians, & XEOs to users who frequently decry capitalistic pigs, all political systems, pronouns, & twitter

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