I think Wil Wheaton blocked me, lol :))

I was defending him, yes. But totally understandable when you have hundreds of accounts dogpiling you, friendly fire is inevitable.

I will continue to stand *with Wil* against harassment though. Against online dogpiling & harassment. (To aspire to it at least, no human is without mistakes after all.)

Update: I *was not* blocked; there seems to be some sort of error. Investigating. 

*Update:* It would seem that Wil *did not* block me. There seems to be some software error somewhere. No I do not fully understand what's going on either, so this is all I can confidently share for now:

Wil *did not* block me.

I do not wish to speculate needlessly to avoid any further misunderstandings. I am in contact with relevant parties. Will update later when/if any further updates are available.


Some further notes on situation, request for patience 

Also the Masto Cloud admins are a bit inundated with messages & requests at the moment, as you can imagine there have been an increase in toots & issues reports for the past couple of days.

They request patience, understandably. I also request anyone following this to also exercise patience. We'll get through this.

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