Man check out these hockey sticks; pretty rad growth if I may say so...

Graph from the Masto Soc user-count bot:

@FerdiZ H'mmm... I last ran my count of users across the fediverse on Tuesday, and then it was about 1.25 million.

Now? 1349767

That's more than 30,000 new users per day.

@simon_brooke @FerdiZ I don't think these numbers are representative for active accounts. Some people just register and leave it be.
Difficult to say how many active users we have.

@ng0 @FerdiZ Oh, I completely agree. And on my node anyway, we were seeing waves of apparently-bot accounts registering before we closed open registration. But nevertheless, 30,000 new registrations a day is an interesting datapoint, even if there is doubt in how to interpret it.

@simon_brooke @FerdiZ the annual eternal september wave where some network somewhere did something bad and many people check out alternatives and only a few stay? I've seen this for 10 years or so in repetition.

@ng0 @FerdiZ No. These waves are hitting with greater frequency and the peaks are going higher. People are moving. Of course, even if the #Fediverse had 1.3 million real active human users, that would be only a tithe of Twitter's 335 million or Facebook's 2.1 billion.

Also, this is not new Internet users, this is people who are already Internet users switching. Mastodon doesn't yet have critical mass, but if this continues it will.

@simon_brooke One could argue that the events where other networks get bad publicity increase every year. It almost always seems to be connected to some event. Correlation does not imply causation, but a big amount of join waves could result from this.
@simon_brooke Then again, it doesn't really matter. It's good to see more people in this generation of the federation.

@ng0 I think they do, but it kind of doesn't matter. There comes a point at which the conversation on #Mastodon becomes self sustaining, first within some communities, then more widely. When people don't feel the need to keep going back to commercial social media.

Yes, of course there will be growing pains. Yes, of course there will be attempts at corporate capture.

We live in interesting times, but for the moment Mastodon feels hopeful.

@simon_brooke I more or less agree.
I wished more people, especially developers, would look deeper into federated and distributed networks at some point. It's not really required, but it's the next logical step. Without advertising for it, secushare could need some more people.

@FerdiZ And since that post only 6 hours ago, we're up to 1,356,292

Averaging over 1,000 signups/hour across the #Fediverse.

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