Does anyone know of large or well-know organizations that run their own #Mastodon instance?

I'm trying to compile a list. #OrgsOnMastodon



@judeswae I believe MIT has their own instance; hold on... here:

Other than that I can't recall any other org-owned instances for now. There are accounts though:

- the Yale Privacy Lab: @privacylab

- also the graphics programs @Krita and @inkscape ...

- the EFF:

I'll let you know if/when others come to mind...

@FerdiZ @judeswae @krita @inkscape @eff FYI, we're gauging interest in running our own Mastodon instance right now, and should know within the month whether or not that will become a reality.

@FerdiZ @judeswae

Though the EFF aren't really on Mastodon. That's an unofficial bridge of their Twitter account and it shows.

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