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Beware of absolutisms and absolute policy positions.

Especially when they tinge of ideology or moralism.

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My contribution to :

Enjoy being where you are.

No you're neither Einstein, Napoleon, Jesus nor Muhammad.

But just enjoy being who you are.

Because if you fail to enjoy being who you are, you'll probably loose all the energy you actually *need* to become who you're actually *meant to be*.

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How do other old Mastodonees (those with accounts started before 2017) get more than 1.000 followers?

Persistent, almost constant interaction I guess..?

Yeah anyways. Whatever.

Oculus provides one last update aimed at future-proofing its discontinued Oculus Go headset: Full root access to the device's operating system.

we're seeing discovery levels at about 07%

(07%) โ– โ–กโ–กโ–กโ–กโ–กโ–กโ–กโ–กโ–ก

๐Ÿ“ข We are hiring and expanding our tech team! Apply today and join our team as a Full Stack Developer (Ruby/Python)

Kinda-sorta spontaneously inspired by a listening of a new song: "If You Go To Mars"

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Molnupiravir, a new oral anti-viral drug developed by Merck has been found to cut risk of hospitalization and death in half in a randomized trial.

Results have been so promising that the trial is being stopped early.

Merck and partner Ridgeback Biotherapeutics said they plan to seek U.S. emergency use authorization for the pill as soon as possible and to make regulatory applications worldwide.

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