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I keep phase-changing between being serious and being silly... and too rapidly at that I think...

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Is it okay if I don't follow as many people as I find so that I get followed by as many people as possible?

Because I don't want to follow as many people as I find, nor do I want to be followed by as many people as possible.

I've been traumatized by that game and I don't want to play anymore.

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Commentary is scary. Because eggshells. [/repost]

I wrote this in an online meeting at work today, and thought I'd inflict on the fediverse. The topic is striving for excellence.

I've learnt through bitter experience that it's rarely possible to fix
all problems at once. What works, in my experience, is frequent small
improvements. The trick is to have a vision of where one wants to end
up in, and every day find the next step towards that. And it's OK for
the vision to also change. This applies to life as well as software

Wonder if I should've CW'ed that one Food.

Oh well whatever.

This is Not Content:

ยซ โ€œA teenagerโ€™s first poem, the blissful release of a long-kept secret, a fine sketch drawn by a palsied hand, a blog post in a regime that hates the sound of its peopleโ€™s voices โ€” none of these people sat down to write content.โ€ ยป


Some snapshots I took last week. Our family were eating out at a Korean fusion restaurant that just opened at our local mall. We got some fifty percent discount or something via an app, my older brother was paying.

What are the practical bio-physiological & environmental differences between a traditional orange sodium-phospor streetlight and a 2700k yellow-tone LED streetlight?

China's Communist Party is attacking and disappearing Marxist students who are fighting for workers' rights

@bob I think Engels made a big mistake with that whole "we'll set up a central state government... and then it'll wither away!" projection.

It's very "step 2: ???, step 3: workers' utopia" part, but what seems to happen at step 2 is instead that people take that power vacuum and become despots while pretending to do so in the interest of workers. Good goals, but that's a bad way to roll out that ~utopia.

@cwebber The nation state is not even all that old and is really born after feudalism as a new sort of bureaucracy - "rule from desks" - replacing the royal council. Bureaucracies excel at self-preservation and so don't usually dissolve by themselves.

Got some CV writing tips last night.

Will apply them today.

Everything is disappoint.

And that is okay.

We shall overcome etc., etc.,.

Okay enough mood-booster for now. Let's get back to trying to find a job again.


I must confess & emphasize that I don't know nor understand anything about card games, but I am glad that last one made me laugh. I needed a laugh.

Why you donโ€™t let an algorithm make deck names for you

Not having to second-guess or even triple-guess your every toot, because you know it's gonna be just fine no matter what

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