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My contribution to :

Enjoy being where you are.

No you're neither Einstein, Napoleon, Jesus nor Muhammad.

But just enjoy being who you are.

Because if you fail to enjoy being who you are, you'll probably loose all the energy you actually *need* to become who you're actually *meant to be*.

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I keep phase-changing between being serious and being silly... and too rapidly at that I think...

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Is it okay if I don't follow as many people as I find so that I get followed by as many people as possible?

Because I don't want to follow as many people as I find, nor do I want to be followed by as many people as possible.

I've been traumatized by that game and I don't want to play anymore.

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Bluesky ecosystem overview document is live now:

Also an article about it here in The Verge:

FWIW though my name is mentioned, my main role in this particular document was answering clarifying questions about ActivityPub. This is really the hard work of Jay Graber, who put a ton of time and thoughtful energy into it.

Dear Internet, is the following true? Does it really work?

(was browsing my online photos backup folder, came across this again...)

>> MeWe Sold Itself on Privacy. Then the Radical Right Arrived.

โ€˜Have you tried to moderate 15 million people?โ€™ MeWe founder Mark Weinstein told OneZero



Would you believe it? Trump still publicly states that his election victory was stolen. Today.

And Republican senators who previously said (on Thursday 1/7) they're done with indulging Trump, is indulging Trump again...


Some people work while they're stressed and locked indoors. I wrote most of a book during the covid crisis:

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself on that score, but then I found out what Oriol Ferrer Mesiร  did with his time.

His "Modern Retro Computer Terminals" project are a series of tiny computers built around low-cost processors like the Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson Nano, run off a 3D printer and assembled.


How Seiko, Aliens & Giorgetto Giugiaro Made History: The Making Of A Watch Icon


[from The Urban Gentry]


Kylie Jenner Shows Me What's Wrong with Reddit:


from John Green of vlogbrothers

I spent both entirely too much and too little time on this drawing tonight, both at the same time...

I should've made up my mind to make a drawing at least a week ago, or a few days ago at least. And still I spent well over 90 minutes tonight and this was all I could manage. Oh well, whatever.

Regardless: Good Tidings & Blessed Holidays to All!

cw: WMD/ genocide

@cadadr There is of course some work in the field, though it's not given the emphasis it deserves. Several commentators have noted that CompSci, unlike physics, has not yet had its Hiroshima moment (Ex-Googler and G+ architect Yonatan Zunger, trained in physics, among them).

That notion itself may be flawed: consequences of computer-based moral failure rarely arrive as blinding insights of unignorable magnitude airdropped with precision and creating both tens of thousands of martyrs and witnesses.

The same conflict which birthed Little Boy also snuffed the souls of 6 million Jews (and others) with less haste, but punch-card precision, tabulated and enumerated by IBM as per contract operating in and for Nazi Germany, recording data with serial numbers, some of which still remain tatooed on the arms of survivors.

And yet computer science is almost wholly unaware of its Holocaust past.


#ethics #CompSci #hiroshima #holocaust #wwii #genocide #ibm #IbmAndTheHolocaust #WMD #NuclearWeapons

Below, systemic sexism continues today in Europe and the West. 

Via @rysiek

It seems the FSFE is not a good organization to support, as they abuse, harass, and discriminate against their female employees.

The first three episodes of dropped all at once yesterday.

(Ahead of schedule, yes.)

I like how they're going so far. Looking forward for the rest of the season. And to Season 6 as well.

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