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I keep phase-changing between being serious and being silly... and too rapidly at that I think...

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Is it okay if I don't follow as many people as I find so that I get followed by as many people as possible?

Because I don't want to follow as many people as I find, nor do I want to be followed by as many people as possible.

I've been traumatized by that game and I don't want to play anymore.

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Commentary is scary. Because eggshells. [/repost]

JFC, the #article13 negotiations are so incoherent that earlier this week, the European TV, film and sports rightsholders said they should be halted. Now the *recording industry* says they itโ€™s broken. It was their idea!

but seriously, somewhere between 2000 and 2019 the IT industry seamlessly transitioned from

"we provide precision engineering tools, your data is yours, you should not need to trust us or anyone, mathematics is your guarantee, crypto 4 ever. "


"give us your data. all of it. give. no secrets. hold nothing back. in return we will... train AIs on it.. and provide unspecified 'services'... for someone, who may be you... that can change at any time... and we are funded by, uh. Look, a unicorn!"

I'm feeling kinda glad about myself for being more addicted currently to Subnautica than to social media...

And yeah I really need to get more serious about getting a job. Very, very irresponsible of me.

An interesting look back at the early days of social media & how conventions of blogs, likes, comments, followers etc. evolved. It's a round table discussion with people who built and ran LiveJournal, Diaryland and Open Diary in the late 1990s.

I see your "Toto played in the desert through solar-powered stereo system", and raise you "Toto played using sweet potatoes and other fruits".

I was thinking about people physically attacking driverless taxis in Arizona and then I came across this comment thread on YouTube...

More thoughts:


Who thinks #Article13 of the new EU #CopyrightDirective is a terrible idea? Copyright professors, Internet users, technical experts, and even Europe's biggest sports, movie and TV companies

This is the kind of internet comment that I find, frankly, one of the lowest forms of behavior. It is a lazy toxicity-primed mindset masquerading as intellectualism.

I don't put up with it and call it out.

Now first I must say that I most certainly *am not* a Country Music afficionado much less accredited critiquer (or critic, if the phrase is more familiar), but I really must say that I think John Mayer's "Paradise Valley" is a *great* Country album.

In the year 2042 a cure for every thing but aging was made and sent out to the public and in reaturn for this you must get a chip inplanted on you to track you but it had a side effect, it makes all women infertile, the year is now 2062 and you are trying to find a cure while not being killed.
#writingprompts #writing

Sometimes just being small and unassuming is good enough to survive. Sometimes it is not. #pixelart

I'm going to try this following game next after I'm done with Subnautica.

And I promise myself I will pay cash for it. Won't use a credit card.

Besides, my title is too frickin' long for YouTube.

If I were asked to title this video I wouldโ€™ve instead titled it, โ€œTheranos, Elizabeth Holmes, and the Culture of Fear & Intimidation in Silicon Valleyโ€.

But yeah who the frick am I to tell ReasonTV how to title their pieces, right?


Because a cult is mystical, but a culture is not.

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