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I quite like the idea of the new operator, although I think it looks ugly.

But #bash can also do it in 46ms 

Then I came up with a solution in that took me ~5 minutes to write but with an execution time of 20s.

Expressions that evaluate to 100 

At first I came up with a solution in JavaScript.
time spent: 22min
execution time: ~170ms
loc: 21

At todays C++ meetup I was told a programming quiz:

Given the digits 1-9 (in that order), you can combine them with either '+', '-' or nothing.
Now find all of these mathematical terms, that evaluate to 100.

You can use any programming language and library you like and you have 1 hour to complete the task.

Interesting. I just found out that ldd is a shell script.

I just found out that a.out is not actually a.out but ELF. I feel tricked.

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In the meantime: Why not help me with finding better wordlists (less obscene and garbage words) for

What I was wondering recently: If people are so bad at thinking up good passwords, why not just generate good ones for them and display them as possible candidate? (But definitely not send them via email).

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At the you can reach me on my DECT phone via 4251

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@FSMaxB exactly. But I see that quote being used as justification for basically not caring about performance at all, or even doing things that are clearly terrible for performance.

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