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I quite like the idea of the new operator, although I think it looks ugly.

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But #bash can also do it in 46ms 

#/usr/bin/env bash
for string in 1{,+,-}2{,+,-}3{,+,-}4{,+,-}5{,+,-}6{,+,-}7{,+,-}8{,+,-}9; do
if [[ $result == 100 ]]; then
echo $string

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Then I came up with a solution in that took me ~5 minutes to write but with an execution time of 20s.

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Expressions that evaluate to 100 


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At first I came up with a solution in JavaScript.
time spent: 22min
execution time: ~170ms
loc: 21

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At todays C++ meetup I was told a programming quiz:

Given the digits 1-9 (in that order), you can combine them with either '+', '-' or nothing.
Now find all of these mathematical terms, that evaluate to 100.

You can use any programming language and library you like and you have 1 hour to complete the task.

Interesting. I just found out that ldd is a shell script.

I just found out that a.out is not actually a.out but ELF. I feel tricked.

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In the meantime: Why not help me with finding better wordlists (less obscene and garbage words) for

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What I was wondering recently: If people are so bad at thinking up good passwords, why not just generate good ones for them and display them as possible candidate? (But definitely not send them via email).

At the you can reach me on my DECT phone via 4251

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New scientific paper using Pepper&Carrot sources 👍 "Deep Normal Estimation for Automatic Shading of Hand-Drawn Characters by Trinity College Dublin"

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