@alva I'm struggling with similar thoughts. It's not that I want to grow it forever, but I definitely prefer it long, but this heat is seriously making me consider cutting it right off.

Linux, testing 

Being a security buffoon, advice welcome 

Being a security buffoon, advice welcome 

Being a security buffoon, advice welcome 

@alva Because there is no tax in kerosine on flights inside Europe probably.

@alva I have to admit I have been an iOS developer for a while and all in all I quite liked it. Not that I would use an iPhone or that I am not thankful for not having to use macOS anymore.

But seeing SwiftUI really makes me want to write an App again. Can't there be such a thing for Rust and as free software?

@fructose_dealer@quey.org This worries me because of the things that can happen with Lithium Ion batteries. Wouldn't want it to ignite or explode up there.

@cafou At first I thought this was actually real 🙈

I quite like the idea of the new operator, although I think it looks ugly.

But #bash can also do it in 46ms 

Then I came up with a solution in that took me ~5 minutes to write but with an execution time of 20s.

Expressions that evaluate to 100 

At first I came up with a solution in JavaScript.
time spent: 22min
execution time: ~170ms
loc: 21

At todays C++ meetup I was told a programming quiz:

Given the digits 1-9 (in that order), you can combine them with either '+', '-' or nothing.
Now find all of these mathematical terms, that evaluate to 100.

You can use any programming language and library you like and you have 1 hour to complete the task.

@velartrill @alva I'm curious to hear why you think of matrix as a shitshow. The only big concern that I have is that they essentially went into production with a prototype (synapse) and are **still** paying the price since keeping it running takes many resources away from them in other areas.

I'll have to talk to some of the matrix people at the next chaos event (GPN) though to hopefully get more background information about their recent server breacht.

@alva Well I host my own! I haven't heard of any big instances apart from Matrix.org sadly. The federation part of matrix is Kind of lacking at the moment, sadly (not in terms of technology but in terms of what people are doing).

@hirnbrot @alva It's the best way to solve race conditions 😛

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