@velartrill @alva I'm curious to hear why you think of matrix as a shitshow. The only big concern that I have is that they essentially went into production with a prototype (synapse) and are **still** paying the price since keeping it running takes many resources away from them in other areas.

I'll have to talk to some of the matrix people at the next chaos event (GPN) though to hopefully get more background information about their recent server breacht.

@alva Well I host my own! I haven't heard of any big instances apart from Matrix.org sadly. The federation part of matrix is Kind of lacking at the moment, sadly (not in terms of technology but in terms of what people are doing).

@hirnbrot @alva It's the best way to solve race conditions 😛

Interesting. I just found out that ldd is a shell script.

@alva @hirnbrot Actually this one is not vegan because of bee wax.

@alva @hirnbrot I didn't know Haribo even had any licorice with actual licorice in there. But I can recommend the thing on the picture. The package on the left contains 22% of the thing on the right!

@maxj You could almost call it アメリカのピザ.

@alva At my previous company I had to incorporate a third party tracker into a website and not only does the website still work if you block it, it also doesn't even run any of the tracking code if you haven't accepted the cookie banner. (which is what everybody should be doing, but apparently the reality is different).

@alva not sure if it uses Webassembly already, but if not, this can be done to make it more performant.

@alva Then write an extension that automatically injects Poly-FLIF into websites.

@alva It's probably easiest to modify the source code itself and build your own Firefox.

@alva I thought that NPAPI was disabled for everything except Flash in Firefox 52 and will be disabled completely in 69. I don't think there's any plugin API beside that. (support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/n). There is Widevine and OpenH264, but I doubt that they use a publicly accessible Plugin API. But not 100% sure.

@alva When it's summer again, you should really try actual rock climbing. It's great because it combines nature with climbing. And anything goes, because there are no colored holds, just grab what you can get your hands on. (or rather feet, since they are more important anyways).

@alva For me it's kind of the opposite. I much prefer climbing longer routes. I don't like the repetition of the same small steps that you get from bouldering. Kind of like preferring running over sprinting.

I just found out that a.out is not actually a.out but ELF. I feel tricked.

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I have one (not quad, but dual core) and I kind of disagree. Yeah, you can get Linux running on there reasonably well, but is it worth it other than "because I can"? Not really in my opinion. These things are heavy, use **a lot** of power (no pun intended) and don't compare to the performance of modern x86_64 systems. Even those that are approved by the FSF.

@alva I have one of these calculators from school. I should probably start experimenting around with it. And it is ABSOLUTELY CRAZY how much money they charge for that thing. It's essentially a CPU that is slower than a toaster, a display with almost no pixels, some plastic and an OS that hasn't been drastically updated for more than the last 10 years. I would be surprised if it cost them more than 5€ to 10€ to produce, but they sell it for over 100€.

@alva The worst thing in my opinion is that many of these electron apps don't even require electron but run totally fine in a regular browser as well. If that is a possibility, I always run it in the browser because it is less outdated and has less security features disabled and has less memory overhead since it runs in a shared instance with other apps/websites.

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