@alva Compare and Swap in a loop would have the same result I guess. Although with quite a difference of what happens behind the covers.

@alva Sounds like "Living on my own" by Freddie Mercury.

But it's definitely strange that this happens in language. Essentially increasing the "no" by saying it twice instead of negating it like boolean algebra.

@alva 🤔 seems you are correct. I definitely have code without including the New header anywhere but using placement new. But I think the header is probably included transitively via some other standard header.

Every day you learb something new.

@alva Yeah Rust is a tool that you can use to make things fast, but it's up to the programmer to use it that way.

But to be fair, if you solve the same problem both in idiomatic Rust and Python without particularly optimising anything, it is not unlikely that the Rust code runs faster and with less memory. (but also that writing it took longer)

@alva And writing a C++ API for a C++ Library is utterly impossible. There are so many choices to make and all of them are wrong.

@alva I'm struggling with similar thoughts. It's not that I want to grow it forever, but I definitely prefer it long, but this heat is seriously making me consider cutting it right off.

Linux, testing 

Being a security buffoon, advice welcome 

Being a security buffoon, advice welcome 

Being a security buffoon, advice welcome 

@alva Because there is no tax in kerosine on flights inside Europe probably.

@alva I have to admit I have been an iOS developer for a while and all in all I quite liked it. Not that I would use an iPhone or that I am not thankful for not having to use macOS anymore.

But seeing SwiftUI really makes me want to write an App again. Can't there be such a thing for Rust and as free software?

@fructose_dealer@quey.org This worries me because of the things that can happen with Lithium Ion batteries. Wouldn't want it to ignite or explode up there.

@cafou At first I thought this was actually real 🙈

I quite like the idea of the new operator, although I think it looks ugly.

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