@alva The worst thing in my opinion is that many of these electron apps don't even require electron but run totally fine in a regular browser as well. If that is a possibility, I always run it in the browser because it is less outdated and has less security features disabled and has less memory overhead since it runs in a shared instance with other apps/websites.

In the meantime: Why not help me with finding better wordlists (less obscene and garbage words) for fsmaxb.github.io/correcthorseb

What I was wondering recently: If people are so bad at thinking up good passwords, why not just generate good ones for them and display them as possible candidate? (But definitely not send them via email).

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@Wolthera I recommend uBlock origin. Apart from being an ad/malware blocker it contains a manual content blocking mode and can get rid of overlays that block the view.

@davidrevoy Works. But I'm not very representative since I always update to the newest browser version. One Caveat though: I had to tell uMatrix to allow videos. But I much prefer a video over GIF.

At the you can reach me on my DECT phone via 4251

@alva True. It is not to be used as an excuse.

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@FSMaxB exactly. But I see that quote being used as justification for basically not caring about performance at all, or even doing things that are clearly terrible for performance.

@alva In other words: Don't do "clever" optimisations without them being necessary.

@alva I my head, "premature optimisation" means something like "optimising in a way that significantly hurts simplicity and/or 'cleanness' of the code without it being 'necessary' or maybe without even measuring the effects of the optimisation". But apart from avoiding those you should still not do appallingly bad performing stuff. Everything is a trade-off after all. Performance should be a factor but not necessarily the most important one in the face of other aspects.

@[email protected] @alva I'm not sure what this statement had to do about gender equality. It was just about perception of gender from what I understand. And about how people get confused if somebody doesn't fit their expectations (based on past experiences). No politics involved here.

@alva You're story earlier about the bathroom kind of reminded me about a coworker asking me "what are those wonderful meat snacks" after just eating some chinese spicy tofu snacks 😂.

@lila_bliblu having just done the first 4 Levels I can suddenly appreciate your screenshot!

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New scientific paper using Pepper&Carrot sources 👍 "Deep Normal Estimation for Automatic Shading of Hand-Drawn Characters by Trinity College Dublin" peppercarrot.com/en/article456

@alva If the interview went well, you probably will soon 👍

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