Why can't we have nice things? I guess this is what I get for writing C89 compatible code.

Because C99 completely fixes the problem as you can see in the standard:

@TheAdmin Where have all the toots in my feed gone? I can only see two of yours.

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Update about GitKraken: It can work with Ed25519 if you use ssh-agent.

I tried GitKraken yesterday and was immediately disappointed because I can't push/pull anything since Ed25519 SSH-Keys are not supported.

I noticed that newer YouTube channels don't have RSS feeds anymore.

Kind of said, because I only watch YouTube via RSS feeds.

There starts to be some hope for older .

"At this time we do not know the status of the vulnerability on other CPUs such as the 970 (Apple G5), pasemi CPUs (AmigaOne X1000) or Freescale CPUs. As more information comes to light we can enable this, or other mechanisms on those CPUs."

Today I went to the cinema and watched 君の名は。( ) Sadly with German dub, kind of awful. But I have to say that I enjoyed the movie even more than when I watched it the last time.

@the_boss And it happened again. Strange. (アニメ is what I meant)

@the_boss Oh, I wrote アノメ instead of アノメ ... I should have noticed that ...

@the_boss メイドインアビスのアノメ見ました。好きでしたからまんがを予約注文した。まだ待っています。

@the_boss すごい、もう一人のけものフレンズのファンがわたしにフォローした。

(excuse my japanese if that sentence is not 100% correct, also I'm not a crazy fan, but I definitely quite liked it)

@sylvia_ritter Yes, I like it. Matches the character of the music.

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