@alva The C++ definition of zero cost is more like: Zero additional cost for the abstraction over what the manually handcoded version would already cost you. (And exceptions definitely don't meet that goal). But rust's result would probably fit that definition.

@alva Well if you want any kind of error handling (that actually stops your current path of execution instead of just carrying the error around) you will need a branch anyway and that will be the end of your basic block.

@Alda It's not surprising to me that people who are cruel to animals might be cruel to people as well. Note that "people" doesn't imply any gender. Neither on the side of the victim nor perpetrator.

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@kogumanomisha Never had a Twitter account in the first place.

I'm shocked that the following code compiles.

And doesn't even warn about the string passed to an int parameter, not even with -Wextra and -Wall ( does warn about it by default).

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@troubleMoney Nature is beating this easily with various ways of DNA transfer.

@maxj But it's a fun exercise! (I'm not saying that anybody has to use it).

Why can't we have nice things? I guess this is what I get for writing C89 compatible code.

Because C99 completely fixes the problem as you can see in the standard:

@TheAdmin Where have all the toots in my feed gone? I can only see two of yours.

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Update about GitKraken: It can work with Ed25519 if you use ssh-agent.

I tried GitKraken yesterday and was immediately disappointed because I can't push/pull anything since Ed25519 SSH-Keys are not supported.

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