Btw: Don't ever buy an MSI Creator TRX40 motherboard! At least not if you don't want to fully dissamble it just to replace the BIOS battery.

(also it sometimes crashes in a way that reset by holding the power button doesn't work anymore and I need to turn off the power supply)

is the best language ever 🙄 . Ever set a value to 0 via CLI parameter and wondered why it still took the default, then remembered that go encourages using default-Value (0 for integers) as an indicator of absence or "wanting the default value", then set the CLI parameter to 1 and suddenly it is taken into account?

Just happened to me because someone used an int where a pointer to int would have been necessary in go.


@fribbledom golang is a haphazardly put together language that prioritizes laziness in implementation over simplicity in the language itself. It is still the least bad choice in a wide range of applications, but not good. It could have been so much better with just a bit more effort, which makes me really sad.

@rjraymond @TheFreePenguin @kev Two objections:
1. There's a difference between "not quite perfect" and "totally off the mark"
2. Nobody is perfect, but some people acknowledge that fact and strive for perfection. Some people acknowledge their mistakes and apologize if they have done something wrong, but other people just announce their return without acknowledging anything and without further comment.

@can @TheFreePenguin @kev And even if there were a way all of his posts could be explained away as purely a failure to express himself diplomatically (which I don't think there is), he still utterly failed to acknowledge that what he said wasn't "ideal", nor did he apologize. There seems to be no understanding of what he did wrong, nor any remorse or pledge of positive change.

@can @TheFreePenguin @kev And even without that post, there have been many more like it that show a total disregard for other human beings. Not just with disabilities in particular, but mostly people of the opposite sex to his.

@can @TheFreePenguin @kev No, literally what he said was:
"If you'd like to love and care for a pet that doesn't have normal human mental capacity, don't create a handicapped human being to be your pet. Get a dog or a parrot. It will appreciate your love, and it will never feel bad for being less capable than normal humans."

At the very least you can fault him for thinking of them as "less capable than normal humans", no room for interpretation there. The pet comparison being very much implied.

I've just signed the open letter calling for the removal of the entire Board of the and for to be removed from all leadership positions, including the GNU Project.

@TheFreePenguin @kev Partly because he thinks of people with down syndrome as pets, that should rather be aborted and replaced with dogs or parrots.

@owl it does recommend IEEE-754 double precision floating point numbers for good compatibility with other implementations, but things like NaN or infinity are explicitly not supported.


@owl JSON is not simple. You will know that if you have ever tried parsing or printing floating point numbers.

Also it's completely underspecified. A parser that only ever parses empty strings, empty Arrays, empty objects, null and every number as 0 is still in compliance with the RFC (although it is not following it's recommendations ...)


@chimerror @owl actually ASCII has only 128 characters, one of which can't really be used if you're passing the string around C programs that work with explicit string lengths ...

@owl My girlfriend uses it to mean "Lazily lying on the bed on your back with the head hanging over the edge". Essentially "lazing around". 😂

@owl You can build one from second hands parts for pretty affordable prices!

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