@owl it does recommend IEEE-754 double precision floating point numbers for good compatibility with other implementations, but things like NaN or infinity are explicitly not supported.


@owl JSON is not simple. You will know that if you have ever tried parsing or printing floating point numbers.

Also it's completely underspecified. A parser that only ever parses empty strings, empty Arrays, empty objects, null and every number as 0 is still in compliance with the RFC (although it is not following it's recommendations ...)


@chimerror @owl actually ASCII has only 128 characters, one of which can't really be used if you're passing the string around C programs that work with explicit string lengths ...

@owl My girlfriend uses it to mean "Lazily lying on the bed on your back with the head hanging over the edge". Essentially "lazing around". 😂

@owl You can build one from second hands parts for pretty affordable prices!

@fribbledom Apple Newton weren't smartphones since they were no phones. But I think you shouldn't discount their influences either!

spoiler warning "nausicaä" movie 

@dilletanteo Do you know the trailer song? So catchy! youtube.com/watch?v=QhzDi6gSWd
But yeah, many of the Ghibli movies are great (although this one technically isn't made by them). My favorites are "Hotaru no Haka" and "Mononoke Hime".


@owl On one of my projects I switched to jemalloc using the jemallocator crate and tuned it to always use MADV_FREE instead of keeping the pages around.

Before this switch, glibc malloc kept 3-4 times as much memory around than was actually used and my application was constantly killed by the OOM killer.

It's absolutely crazy how much allocators can be configured and how much of a difference it can make.

Any default configuration for an allocator must be a heck of a compromise.


🤔 Maybe I'm looking for Ruby, now that I think about it.


Yeah, I would really like to see a combination of Rusts control flow expressions (like if) and Lua's syntax.


@owl Yeah, that makes sense. I guess the main problem is that lambdas are completely different from regular python functions and there is no inline-syntax for the latter. A questionable design decision for sure. Also generators are kind of weird in that way.


@owl Yielding from a lambda doesn't conceptually make any sense to me. Am I missing something? Maybe an example of what you are trying to do would help.

@sir Can't you bootstrap it using a binary toolchain? (if you don't trust it, cross compile the toolchain from an x86_64 system)

I propose to rename artificial intelligence to artificial Intuition,

because that's exactly what it is most of the time. A machine trained to make decisions based on intuitive "gut feeling". (Note that there are exceptions to that of course, there is machine learning that doesn't work Like that, but most of what ist called AI does)

@fribbledom Quite the opposite from my perspective. In winter the cold air condenses all the moisture from my breath and the mask gets moist quite quickly, which is very uncomfortable.

@owl Just fail and retry, then they will show something different. I usually try to trick them by clicking on pictures where I can't see what they're looking for. If you get all the others correct you will still clear the captcha. This way I'm not giving them free labor in training their AI. I now just hope that I'm not responsible for self driving cars identifying people as green traffic lights 😬.

@musicmatze @cytrinox Yeah, but you can't specify bounds like "where T: TraitA or TraitB" using either, or am I misunderstanding something? Either is essentially just an alternative type like Result but without giving the different types different meanings.

@cytrinox @musicmatze Yes, removing the trait bound is better and more idiomatic since one should usually bind traits as late as possible. Seems like I missed that part!

And yes, afaik there is no way to write a trait bound for either one or the other trait being implemented, but maybe there is a way I don't know.

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