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„Local knowledge all over the world“ telling us why (and how to) switch to

Very nice talk (and arguments) by on the importance of free data, free software and of community powered projects.

"The base for Free Data and Software is the community that forms around it“ kicking off day 2

Thanks for the warm welcome ! See you all in the afternoon when I will talk about Mobile SDK's

„Maps Tell Stories“… Saving the World with Free Software and Data. Inspiring Opening Keynote at by

Kick-Off of opening conference at Innovation and Training Park

Apparently, according with, knows what free software is. Even more, the world can be saved with with (4g). Great crowd at

Setting up

We just arrived in Prizren! Getting everything ready for tomorrow: State of the Map SEE.

Speakers is a data consultant and open data advocate from LUX. He’s been actively mapping all over the world since 2011.

His Talk: Turn right after the red house? How open data and OSM changes directions in Kosovo

Speakers is researcher focussing rapid mapping, air quality data integration, spatial data infrastructure and web-mapping.

His Talk: The story of, the reference point of the Romanian geospatial community

Speakers works as a Technical Projects Manager for the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team.

His Talk on : Assisted Intelligence - How we map with new technologies &
Crowd-sourced open geographic data for humanitarian action


Speakers is board member of Open Labs Hackerspace, a community promoting the idea of free open source technologies, online privacy and open data in Tirana, Albania.

Her Talk: The roadmap of OSM Albania & OpenStreetMap good practices


Speakers is the founder of the local chapter of Maptime in Tirana and has a passion for contributing to OpenStreetMap, mainly by adding data that no one knows they need… yet.

His Workshop on : Cartography



In the past 5 years, Jo Polyglot mentored mentored students to improve JOSM’s PT_Assistant plugin, which makes it easier to map bus, cycling and hiking itineraries.

His Workshop: PT_Assistant


Seán Lynch is the founder and developer of OpenLitterMap. After being introduced to OpenStreetMap, he decided to apply the same principles of crowdsourcing and open data to plastic pollution.

Talks: (remote presentation)


Jeton is a software developer with experience focused on back-end development using PHP and some of its frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter and content management systems like WordPress.

His Workshop: Intro to PostgreSQL/PostGIS

Speakers has worked on open mapping and data projects for UNICEF, the World Bank, the New York Public Library, the US Library of Congress, and Planet Labs.

His Keynote: Saving the World with Free Software

Speakers consults businesses on the use of OpenStreetMap and implements software and process solutions. He is head of programme for FOSSGIS Conference 2020.

His Workshop: Working with OpenStreetMap Data

Speakers is a freelance GIS+IT consultant focusing on integrating spatial data into existing or new information systems. An avid lover of FOSS solutions and OSGeo charter member since 2017.

His Talk: Geodata management

Speakers is founder of terrestris, an Open Source GIS company focused on web based FOSS4G software development. He is also part of FOSSGIS e.V. and board member of OSGeo-Europe.

His Talk: Why data and tools for maps should be Free


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