Wow! Wow! Wow! What a powerful bunch of people mapping, discussing, learning, sharing, connecting and spreading happiness!

Big THANK YOU to everybody for making a unique weekend in

finals: Inspiring remote presentation of Seán Lynch of and how he applied the same principles of crowdsourcing and open data to plastic pollution

workshops. Jeton giving an introduction to PostgreSQL/PostGIS

How is geodata management at the Estonian postal services provider Omnivia done? tells us. sharing his story about getting involved and starting
@kominosh@kominoshja@twitter.comis presentation at

photos! Big hands for for these beauties.
pictures still coming

participants and fellow speakers appreciating for the mapping progress in Albania

Bringing machine learning into OpenStreetMap in a good way: "We as humans have to do what we are good at and understand the machines as assistants"

Awesome days and a lot of fun at 🤩

Our team members & are having their talks today!
- The roadmap of
- Introducing

Come and join 🤗 kicking-off day 3 motivating everybody to get together and share knowledge, not waste tame re-inventing the wheel.

The last speaker of day 2: talks about the crowdsourcing impact in building navigation maps.

Updating and enriching maps: presents how Mapillary mobile SDK enables anyone to build a street-level imagery capture component into their app with custom feature.

Danijel Schorlemmer introducing the OpenStreetMap-based exposure model translating the local shaking into probabilistic loss and risk assessments expressed as effects on buildings and people. sharing his story: his first year with iD and strategies for having an effective voice in the community.

Zooming into a particular community (Tirana), talks about how municipalities and can benefit from each other.

Talk of influencing the planning of bicycle infrastructure in Philadelphia.

Getting more active! giving a workshop on how to work with data.

„Local knowledge all over the world“ telling us why (and how to) switch to

Getting active! participants diving into everything iD, the web editor for with

„Local knowledge all over the world“ telling us why (and how to) switch to

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