Nextcloud is an open source software suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services.

It allows you to store and control your data on a server at home, at a specific provider, or in a trusted center.

We begin our mini campaign of with BigBlueButton, an open source web conferencing system used especially for Personal computer online learning.

We use it for all our online meetups!

🔒 Secure the Balkans ( is a tool designed to track and promote the adoption of security and privacy technologies like HTTPS encryption by news organizations' websites in the Balkans.

➡️Contact us if you want to measure the security of your news website.

This week we have been constructing air quality and weather stations with high school students who are learning how to:

- build stations
- create and analyze environmental data
- raise awareness of air quality and climate change

The Government should provide the necessary human, training and monetary resources through an Open Source Office with the aim of continuous progress and promotion of FLOSS.

By making the textbooks bought by the Kosovo Ministry of Education available under a ‘’Free Culture’’ license, they can be shared and further improved on by other authors.

More on the 5th and other requests for the Government here

Agencies that produce important data about the life of citizens charge for their data which hinders use by the public.

By making these data widely available as open data they will be accessible in bulk and through APIs.

Requests for the new Government

FLOSSK proposes a policy that puts software and underlying code funded by public money under a copyleft license available to the public.

Software will be available for others to work and improve on in the future.

Our list of requests for the new Government

Procurement of FLOSS in Kosovo will reduce costs as software projects will be adopted and be built on from existing open source code.

This is our second request for the new Government. You can find all the requests at

By creating a policy that defines the public material under the public domain, more creative material will be available to the general public and this will spur economic activity, among other things.

Check out FLOSSK requests for the new Government on

We are happy to present to you the new look of FLOSSK.

By following the 12-year tradition of the organization, the crow continues to be the symbol of our values.

We thank @trembelat for their creativity and great work!

Take a look at

Anxhelo Lushka will highlight the risks associated with the use of IoT devices and what can happen in the case of an inadequate deployment. Anxhelo is a graphic designer and
frontend developer.

🤩 Join us to follow some amazing presentations on the weekend!!

Burim Hajrizaj is a software engineer with more than 20 years of experience. Burim will show us how to use ServiceBus when planning Microservice Architecture.

is the place to learn new things 👇

Dávid Halász 's talk will be about the set of technologies that make computing, storage, and networking accessible and how these technologies became the essence of the Cloud. Dávid is a Senior Software Engineer.

Shedrack Akintayo a software engineer, will focus on how open source is shaping the future of software development in Africa and will suggest better ways other companies can support Open Source in Africa.

Boris Budini will introduce IndieWeb as a solution that can help break free from big tech. Boris is part of Collective68, and more.

Two more days to !!

More talks on Open Source during 📢

Redon Skikuli will show us the smooth transition process that small & medium businesses can have while using free open source alternatives. Redon is the co-founder of Open Labs Hackerspace, Collective68 and

More talks on Open Source during 📢

Emanuil Tolev will tell us about three essential elements of building a lasting company that stays true to its open source roots: strategy, struggle, and success. Emanuil, based in London, is a Community Engineer with Elastic.

Besfort Guri is the founder and CEO of OpS-IN and during his presentation at he will share the process of building air quality and weather stations within the "Sensor Stations" project.


FLOSSK members are also part of 🤗

Enkelena Haxhiu is an embedded systems software engineer at Solaborate and has been involved with the Debian Project through Google Summer of Code. She will join with her presentation titled Debian and Debconf22 Kosovo.

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