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// foss.events is present for the first time as a project at #ccc inside the cluster #aboutfreedom:

And we have a major update to celebrate \°/

From now on every #event has its own subpage that includes various meta-information like a map, the event's self-description, its size, standard participation fees etc:

Check out foss.events, enjoy and give us your feedback.

And if you are at #36C3, pass by for a chat and grab a sticker : )

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a powerful bunch of people mapping, discussing, learning, sharing, connecting and spreading happiness!

Big THANK YOU to everybody for making a unique weekend in

finals: Inspiring remote presentation of Seán Lynch of @OpenLitterMap@twitter.com and how he applied the same principles of crowdsourcing and open data to plastic pollution

workshops. Jeton giving an introduction to PostgreSQL/PostGIS

How is geodata management at the Estonian postal services provider Omnivia done? @tkardi@twitter.com tells us.

@kominoshja@twitter.com sharing his story about getting involved and starting @CityZenappco@twitter.com
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@kominosh@kominoshja@twitter.comis presentation at @CityZenappco@twitter.com

photos! Big hands for @thomersch@twitter.com for these beauties.
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pictures still coming @thomersch@twitter.com/www.flickr.com/photos/thomersch/albums/72157711503912113

participants and fellow speakers appreciating @SidorelaUku@twitter.com for the mapping progress in Albania

Bringing machine learning into OpenStreetMap in a good way: "We as humans have to do what we are good at and understand the machines as assistants" @xamanu@twitter.com

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Awesome days and a lot of fun at 🤩

Our team members @SidorelaUku@twitter.com & @kominoshja@twitter.com are having their talks today!
- The roadmap of @Osm_Albania@twitter.com
- Introducing @CityZenappco@twitter.com

Come and join 🤗

@vcraciunescu@twitter.com kicking-off day 3 motivating everybody to get together and share knowledge, not waste tame re-inventing the wheel. @geospatialorg@twitter.com

The last speaker of day 2: @oborcan@twitter.com talks about the crowdsourcing impact in building navigation maps.

Updating and enriching maps: @OvidiuVoda@twitter.com presents how Mapillary mobile SDK enables anyone to build a street-level imagery capture component into their app with custom feature.

Danijel Schorlemmer introducing the OpenStreetMap-based exposure model translating the local shaking into probabilistic loss and risk assessments expressed as effects on buildings and people.

@quincylvania@twitter.com sharing his story: his first year with iD and strategies for having an effective voice in the community.

Zooming into a particular community (Tirana), @Angjelinaaa@twitter.com talks about how municipalities and @openstreetmap@twitter.com can benefit from each other.

Talk of @gurulloyd@twitter.com influencing the planning of bicycle infrastructure in Philadelphia. @CyclePhilly@twitter.com

Getting more active! @thomersch@twitter.com giving a workshop on how to work with @openstreetmap@twitter.com data.

„Local knowledge all over the world“ @jbelien@twitter.com telling us why (and how to) switch to @openstreetmap@twitter.com @osm_be@twitter.com

Getting active! participants diving into everything iD, the web editor for @OpenStreetMaps@twitter.com with @quincylvania@twitter.com

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