I just have to actually write shit and keep writing shit.

...but I'm still alive, I have an amazing new job and the next two months are going to be filled with meeting and talking with cool people :D

...I am still incapable of saving money but what the hey, apparently there's a family curse (no really!) or something, idek...

Well I'm glad you asked! As usual I'm writing 5 presentations/papers at once whilst trying to do MOOCs and trying to finish off the research proposal which I've been working on for waaaay too long...

Oh dear, really need to get back into the mastodon game, clearly! My home feed is forlorn and bereft...

And we're live! Just set up the eventbrite page for , Birmingham's first themed comic con, 21st May at Birmingham Hippodrome :)

eventbrite.co.uk/e/flux-con-20 mastodon.cloud/media/fuDiTwPlN

OK so how do we create sustainable alternatives? I'm getting miserable watching dystopias and critiquing :(

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Lots of choo choos 

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Memo to self (for #hackference talk): you are your devices. They aren't just things you can give up. You could, like how if you got gangrene in your hand in the middle ages they cut off your arm, but that doesn't happen now. Your connections to the world are as much you as your toes are. Anyone who says you can drop technology is like the Amish. See waitbutwhy.com/2017/04/neurali (search for "we don't feel like cyborgs") for more.

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Reverse image searching is a great tool in finding the artist of a picture you like in case you don't know the true source. How to reverse image search?
Upload your picture to:
Give #art and #artists the credit they deserve; don't let reposters build themselves up from others' hard work!

OK I've just seen emperor penguins in their winter coats for the first time in my life and I am even more in love with this species than I was to begin with mastodon.cloud/media/BSu1aE1e2

Meanwhile, help a UX/Service designer out and check out this really quick little survey I put together as part of my investigation into museums and their digital presence: docs.google.com/forms/d/1hf1gf

First (because it's massively important) and now lol. Well, that's the afrofuturist way, I guess ;)

I know I I keep giving myself mini projects but I don't care because that isn't going to stop now lol.

Hello all! I'm collecting data on museums/art galleries/etc. and their digital presence to understand public perception. If you'd be able to fill out this very quick survey (or maybe even just reply with your best/worst experience), that would be much appreciated!


Rewatching Green Wing and realising that I miss being down with the cool stuff on TV. Those were the days.

...but nothing could have beaten the feeling of knowing I actually succeeded in getting some product design/UX design processes in place; actually doing user research and making something I know is fully realised and usable.

...I am glad I learned to trust my instincts. I did learn that I do know what I'm doing as a Service/UX designer and I am actually pretty good at it...

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