The writing on the wall:

"Dear people who don't drink coffee,
... How???"

"Change the world.
Start with coffee."

"Coffee is always a good idea." ☕


Life is short. Surround yourself with good people and only drink good coffee. ☕


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What I did today...

Attended a .

Pretty good. 👍 Glad I went. :awesome:

Still don't know if I want to get into food photography though. Quite happy just taking of my own food with my phone's . 😋

Today, for some reason, on my laptop keeps closing abruptly. I only get about a minute of browsing and then it closes. I thought it was the website I was visiting having some fancy features that made it close.

Nope. 😒

Back to using . 😶

I had set Google Keep to remind me of something at 10:00. It reminds me 13:00.

Not cool, .
NOT cool!! :blobangery:

Finished my first [volunteer] work. Quite pleased with myself. :awesome:

Mission accomplished! :anidab_right:

Failure is better than regret.
I kinda agree.

I'd rather not fail, of course.

Traffic today was kinda horrific.
But I'd say it was a good day.

:anidab_left: I wasn't late for my meeting.
:anidab_left: Nice and encouraging conversation with old schoolmate while waiting for latecomers.
:anidab_left: Meeting was regarding a corporate event I'll be shooting in a couple of weeks.
:blobcatpeek: It'll be my first local, land-based gig. 🙏

Today is going well so far.

Had a lovely with old schoolmates.

Remembered that I'm entitled to a free , and claimed it.

And... A pleasant little surprise:
I received a through .io.

Yes, I'll take it.
Thank you very much. :awesome:

Updating my website a good bit. Getting ready to get into serious work...

I splurged on coffee today. It was worth the money. :awesome:

Starbucks Reserve
Classic affogato doppio 👌

You know, all this being in touch with a bazillion people regardless of the distance between us is fine and dandy. But it doesn't, and can never, truly replace an actual get-together. Nothing beats that. Even the rare, once-in-a-blue-moon chance of having with an , and the that happens despite you not being close , is better than the occasional asynchronous from your supposed whom, despite being an easy car drive away, you rarely see.

I was at a today
and had a cold drink of
winter melon with Pei Pa Koa 🥃 and
spicy aglio olio con sardinas.

My cup says:

Life is short.
Surround yourself with good people.
And only drink good coffee.

I totally agree! :awesome:

What to do, what to do 🤔

I'm tweaking my resumé some more and I'm dreaming:

It would be quite nice if Mondays through Fridays I had a nice cozy albeit humdrum (with all the perks of being an ) and then have shooting every Saturday evening. :awesome:

Either that, or I just become an independent contractor. :blobcatpeek:

Fiddling with my and that I got in 2007 and 2012, respectively, and decided to check their count.

According to my D7000 is at 77,195 and my D80 is at 103,402.

Info at says that Maximum Shutter Actuations Life Predictions is 150,000 for the D7000, and that the D80 is said to be up to 50,000 actuations.

So... my D80 has lived a full life twice over 👍 and my D7000 is middle-aged. :blobcatcoffee:

It just occurred to me: I should put my USD and GBP cash in the .

They've just been sitting in my travel wallets, inside my travel backpack, at home. (Yeah, I got stuff designated for .) I haven't done any traveling in over a year. And it doesn't look like I'll be doing any traveling soon. *sigh* 🙁

So I must do the smart thing: deposit the USD and exchange the GBP. If those countries change their bills, the old cash become useless. ☝️

So weird. How is it that I can't find any at two different stores, in two different malls? Plenty of duct tape, masking tape, packaging tape, double-sided tape, etc... but no gaffers tape?? I asked a guy that worked there and he didn't know what it was. Come on now. Really? Even I* know what gaffers tape is. 🙄

She'd stopped using it a few years now, but kept it in good condition. 👌 She lost the grey & though. 🙄 I didn't want to buy another (it's different from the ). Luckily my old MB-D80 Multi-power Battery Pack has an AA 6-pc battery holder, so I went & got some more batteries and... my is alive!! 😀

Only problem is I can't unscrew the . Apparently somebody didn't put it back on perfectly & now it's stuck... and dirty inside. 😣

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