As of today, it's a three-way tie between Kermit, Grover and Mr. Snuffleupagus.

Cast your votes, folks! :awesome:

It's a mini race between
Grover and Kermit. :anidab_right:

Hmm... You folks do know Ernie, don't you? He's adorable, ya know. Just saying. :awesome:

Well, it looks like my poll isn't doing so bad. Two people have voted so far, plus comments. :awesome:

That's right! Count it, Mastodon! Two!! :anidab_right:

That's one vote more than on those other I've seen around here! :asuna_but:


The most adorable of these Sesame Street characters is...

In the news:

Caption on photo: "Grab drivers... protest..."

The article reads: "Grab began deactivating on Monday 8,000 of its drivers who missed the deadline to apply for the renewal of their ..." "[some spokesperson] urged and to pay attention to the drivers' concerns as their 'livelihoods are at stake here'."

☝👧 Drivers weren't concerned enough to renew on time. Why is it now Grab's or LTFRB's fault/problem?

There's this Same Day Edit class coming up soon that I want to join, but I don't think my old Microsoft can handle it. 😶

I really don't want to buy a new ... yet.

I guess I'll just have to miss this one. Or... Hmm...

I wonder if the teacher will let me borrow his laptop during class. :blobcatpeek:


Woh. 😶 I thought I was looking at a typo or glitch. Turns out there are two very unbalanced-looking Chinese characters:

乒 乓

Today I learned that they go together to make the word for Ping Pong a.k.a. table tennis. And suddenly the way they're written makes sense. 🤣

Somebody toots: "Is it okay to run every day?" (And links to an article.)
I'm tempted to reply: If someone's chasing you everyday... Yeah. Run!


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@vegardskjefstad deepfakes technology is out in the wild, banning it is not going to stop malicious actors. it would be like trying to ban malware tools.

what we should be looking at is designing and building in tools for authentication into our file formats and distribution systems

digital signatures need to become a lot more common so that people can determine the institutional source of a given photo or video and whether it was tampered with along the way

Saw this mini at a store. So it looks like my el cheapo mini keyboard is not the only one missing the Home and End keys. :blobcatpeek:

I do prefer the one I got. It's half the price and has the look and feel of a regular keyboard. :awesome:

I had chicken a la king meal today. Been a long time. I remember it used to be that the chicken and pastry shell were double this amount, and the green salad was half this amount with a nice vinaigrette dressing.

I guess I should thank them for making me eat better by giving me less meat and more greens. 😋 (But they should've kept the vinaigrette dressing instead this mayo-based dressing. ☝️)

I just discovered what's wrong with my el cheapo mini wired . There are no Home and End . 😆

(There's also a Num Lock key which serves no purpose, but I noticed that right from the start.)

Oh well... :awesome:

The one at Number 1 has 1910 XP.
I'm currently at Number 7 with 935 XP.

😡 What a nut case.

Would love to beat that crazy person.

Yeah, I can be crazier. 🙃

I'll be the craziest!! 🤣

I bought yet another* mini keyboard. 😱 In my defense, every one of my [three] mini is different from the others. This one has regular keys and is wired. 😎

This is the last keyboard I'm buying for my .

I think. 🤔

I hope. 😋

I gave in to cravings. This one's actually good for 2 people. Yeah, I ate it all. 😋 I'm making myself feel better by saying this Spaghetti Al Pomodoro is the wiser choice compared to a big Fried Pork Chop. 😉

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I think much of our unhealthy food exists because we are sitting home alone with nothing better to do than stuff our faces.

I've noticed that if I'm enjoying the company of someone else, or I'm concentrated on something, I don't really think about food until I'm actually hungry.

If I'm alone and need to kill some time, I'm far more likely to go digging in the fridge or pantry for something to eat.

It seems to me that our isolated homes and digital devices create ideal conditions for obesity.

This was tonight's . The idea was to eat 🍣 (which I consider healthy eating) instead of what we normally have at home (which is usually some form of fried food). But the sushi place didn't have my usual choice, so I ended up ordering Cordon Bleu Sushi (no kidding, that's the name of it). Turns out it's sushi. Oops. 😋

Okay, so I worked out at the today and... afterwards I had a nice Banana Chocolate Chia with Brewed . 😋

Well, in terms of , the Cookie was better than the Bacon Egg Gouda Sandwich I had last week.

Alright alright, I confess... They ran out of the Bacon sandwich and that's why I got the Cookie. 🤣

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people: "if it's public you don't have any expectation of privacy" err how about NO

that rule worked offline because when you said something in public in the past there was no record of it. it was *ephemeral*.

and if you said it around strangers who didn't know who you were it was also *anonymous*.

neither of these things can be assumed true in online "public" spaces.

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