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Below quote taken from the
Philippine Daily Inquirer
20 Feb 2019
🔹 Disputing 'Ghost Town' Tag 🔹
🔸 Marawi 'Alive, Booming' 🔸

The Philippine government... disputed a Washington Post report which claimed that Marawi City remained a "ghost town," more than a year after... took back control... from local terror groups...

... Del Rosario said Marawi was "full of economic activity,"

Can't trust anyone anymore, eh?

I sent my CV to a Virgin Group company.
I can dream, can't I? 😉


Catastrophic failure?!! 😱

I was copying a lot of files to a USB flash drive and refuses to let me add more files.

Solution: Reformat from FAT to NTFS.




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Trying to make this premise funny: We seem to have taken all the hate and vitriol that apparently has been spewed SOLELY and THROUGHOUT history by the White Male, and given 'permissions' for every other type to spew that hate and vile but ONLY at white males. Because, they ALL caused the problems of the world right? No one brown or black or multi-gendered has ever caused anyone else grief?
Hate is Hate. Vileness is awful in every form. I wish we could learn this..but that would take maturity.

Doing some digital housekeeping. Moving photos from my phone... *sigh* I need a better system.

Had a lovely afternoon with an old co-worker. Last time I saw her was 5 years ago. Our little get-together over coffee became 5 hours of coffee + malling + dinner. :awesome:

She'll be returning to work soon. Really glad for her. I hope my turn will come soon. Really itching to get back to work. 😶

Bummer. My favorite budget snack place is gone. 😱


'twas replaced by an Oppo (smartphone) pop-up thingy -- because apparently their two-door concept store and a couple of booths in the same mall isn't enough for them. I don't think Samsung was ever that aggressive in one mall/location. Wow. 🙄

Learning . says to use "odio" in a sentence. Got some help with Microsoft ...

Odio cuando la gente ve videos con sonidos fuertes en sus teléfonos celulares. ¡Deben usar auriculares!


Hanging out at a lounge. There's this woman having a conversation on her cellphone... She's got the phone to her ear but it's actually on speakerphone mode. So everyone in the lounge can listen to the entire conversation. 🙄

She's been on the phone almost half an hour. That's the curse of Third World bargain "unlimited" calls and SMS. Crooks/scammers take advantage of that too.

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Recycle what you can whenever you may!

Compost all those peels and throw less away!

Reduce and reuse and recycle, my chums!

Or I’ll use my pliers to take off your thumbs

Today's attempt at keeping fit:
(5-day streak so far)

Thigh Workout Beginner 💃
with Female Fitness app

Still alive... 🤪

Had trouble with Backward Lunge and Modified Burpee. 😖

Very pleased with myself. I'm not a kind of gal, but I managed a li'l :
Transformed a Colgate toothpaste case into a holder by adding a section of a now-dead Neutrogena travel-sized toiletry tube. 😀

Today's attempt at keeping fit:
(4-day streak so far)

Abs Workout Beginner 💃
with Female Fitness app

Still alive... 🤪

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PSA: Back up your account!

Back Up Your: follow lists, block lists, toots, etc.

It's not that I think my admins are suddenly going to pull a WT, but things can happen. Servers can catch fire for example.
You have peace of mind this way. I back mine up quarterly.

You can only request an archive of your toots/media every 7 days, and it takes a bit to get a copy of your shit posts emailed to you.

If something happened, it's nice to not have to start over again.

Finally got to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel. Me likey. 😀👍

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*IF* –> “Hero” -

This is a tribute to hackers all around the world, without whom we would all have a microphone plugged in our butts by now...
Of course when you have to mention heroes, you think fire fighters, hospital workers, etc. But hackers are essentials to allow us "mortals" to resist huge corporations and governments alike that all want to spy on us.

#mastoart #art #illustration #IF #hero

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