And they took my blood again...
The results better be good this time.

Bummer. Had a this evening. 😵

A not so little car 🚗 versus a very large bus 🚍.

It looked bad. But it wasn't really that* bad. Except for an ugly big dent... Wheel was not damaged, driver's door wasn't affected and the car still runs.

Whew! I still have a car for tomorrow's errands. 🤞😎

10 ways to avoid radiation from your gadgets

Not to be paranoid, but it is good to know and understand these things. ☝️

When you think about it, we are leaving things turned on for little or no benefit and as a result getting a whole lot more radiation than if we were more mindful.

Date & time: Mon, 22 Apr 09:11:11 UTC - 32 minutes ago
Magnitude: 6.0
Depth: 10.0 km
Epicenter latitude / longitude: 14.94°N / 120.5°E (Philippines)
Nearest volcano: Natib (27 km)
Primary data source: GFZ

Strong mag. 6.0 - , on Monday, 22 April 2019

So about 20~25 minutes ago there was an in . A sidewayzee and up-and-downy earthquake. Interesting. Lasted for quite a bit. 😶

Strong mag. 6.0 earthquake - Luzon, Philippines on Monday, 22 April 2019

I had at a budget ramen place yesterday. The was soft scrambled versus a raw yolk, and the wasn't.. um.. Japanese enough. 🙄 Oh well. You get what you pay for. Actually not bad for the price, about USD 3++. 👍

I would've tried their but it's pork, and I've been told I need to eat more red meat. 😎

Have a happy Sunday 🌞, Mastodon!

Happy resurrection day. 🙏🕊✝
Happy Easter. 😊
Happy rabbit day. 🐰
Happy egg hunt day. 🥚


"UV rays get to you spring, summer, fall and winter, UVA ☀️ penetrates windows, and indoor lights 💡 cause melasma and other dark spots. Plus, the damage is cumulative."

Yup. Just as my new dermatologist had warned me. I had other dermatologists before her. Funny how nobody else before warned me about indoor lights causing skin damage. 😶

My doctor said I should eat more red meat...

Is this enough red meat?

'Twas veeeeery yummy. Me belly is very happy. 😋♥️


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In the US they are looking for "solutions" that opens encrypted data to law enforcement. A Backdoor for the "good guys" only is impossible. Encryption must remain strong and unbreakable, here's why:

I understand that forgiving & forgetting is not easy, that bad people should be liable & pay for their crimes.

But to be hostile & to reject the dictator's daughter, who was just a little child at the time & had nothing to do with his crimes...

Aren't you now being the bad one? Just ignore her & don't make a fuss. 🙄

The university president had to issue an apology for her presence?? Wow. 😶 The event wasn't even about . It's about ! 😡

>4 decades ago: Dictator called for martial law; had many killed; robbed the nation. 😱

>3 decades ago: Dictator was exiled. 👍

Up until today: People feel soooo much hatred and anger. 😶

This week's news: University apologizes over the now-dead Dictator's daughter's presence at their art event. She was invited. ☝️ Her presence supposedly "hurt" the dead Dictator's martial law victims. The news didn't mention whether the very elderly (or dead) victims were even present at the event. 🤔

Thanks to the unusually hot and my flare-ups I'm back to using bland products and will now be restricted to special (i.e. expensive) brands.

It wouldn't be so terrible if I already had a and some income. 😶

On the bright side, I found a new who gave me just the stuff and info that I need without trying to oversell to me. 😀👍

New found in the 🚶🏃🕴️🕺

A new species of Homo from the Late Pleistocene of the Philippines

"These specimens display a combination of primitive and derived morphological features that is different from ... other species in the genus Homo (including Homo floresiensis and Homo sapiens) and warrants their attribution to a new species, which we name Homo luzonensis."

Today I learned...

You shouldn't take for more than 6 months. 😶 That's what one told me today.

Nobody ever told me that before. 🤔

I also learned that I may have been incorrectly (?) diagnosed by other . 😶

Getting some new blood tests done tomorrow...

Got an email from . They accepted a that I suggested. I'm feeling very pleased with myself right now. 😎

Just got an email saying that HealthVault is going away in November. *sigh* 🙄

I don't get it. 😶

I try browsing on my phone with and the and several websites just aren't viewable or won't load at all. Sometimes a webpage will successfully show in LastPass but not in Chrome. I expect Chrome to be the better browser. 🙄

Got fed up and downloaded Lite. And it successfully showed the webpages that Chrome couldn't. 😱

Flavorful Origins
S1: E13 "Beef Meatballs"

Now I know how those are made. I did wonder about it sometimes, why they look the way they look, but never researched it.

That's a lot of pounding! 😃

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