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I'm a professional by day, living in the . Cautiously bisexual (in a trans- and genderqueer-affirming way), cis. is my jam, though I have very strong feelings about hierarchies (👎) and ethical nonmonogamy (🎉).

Interests and hobbies: , , , and (), , , . Probably more things I can't remember right now. I like and am pretty leftist. Hi!

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I'm poking around the fediverse, trying to find more people to follow. I'm drawn to conversations about:

🏴 leftism/anarchism
💞 empathy and justice
👥 building community
🌐 decentralizing
💗 relationship anarchy/ethical nonmonogamy
🐈 cats
🔌 cyberpunk
♟️ board games name a few.

Anyway, if you see me interacting with a couple of your posts in succession, hi! I'm trying to put more cool people like you in my timeline.

I've set up shop over at @EssDub. Come find me over there, y'all! <3

I'm starting to think I would have a better time on a different instance. The local timeline here is full of bots and spam, and I can't find any details on the code of conduct. Pretty sure it was explicitly anti-Nazi at one point, but I can't see that anywhere else now.

Aye. Don’t be a dick about not using Amazon. This isn’t a who is the best radical competition.

We’re all trying to get to a better place. Being an asshole about it doesn’t help.

Technically, I do believe the current tools we see popping up are better built versions of centralized platforms most people use, and that's cool.

But the reason progress is so slow is because we're still clinging to the concepts they ground into us when their were no other options available.

We need to stop building decentralized platforms in the same vein of centralized ones.

And building tools that actually help people *must* be at the center of why we're building them in the first place.

Mutant Standard is made by a disabled queer person who doesn't have a stable income, so if you've enjoyed Mutant Standard emoji and have the money, consider kicking a few bucks this way:


"Prior to the Gregorian calendar, farmers in China and Japan broke each year down into 24 sekki or “small seasons.” These seasons didn't use dates to mark seasons, but instead, they divided up the year by natural phenomena"

#gardening #solarpunk

when you think about it, the idea that software should scale is actually really weird. "sure this garden is nice, but how nice can it be if it doesn't grow to cover the entire surface of the earth?"

death, police, ICE, martyr 

Why are internet leftists so fucking bad at solidarity

“But people won’t work unless they’re threatened with homelessness and starvation!”

No, people won’t work for YOU unless they’re threatened with homelessness and starvation

there's enough evidence for me to start assuming that the person who died sabotaging the ICE buses in Tacoma was named emma durutti and used she/her pronouns

her audio manifesto is signed "emma durutti" and it contains a track called "i was a girl". On facebook she had a profile that is till up and is obviously been being used since 2018 that contains the following:
a facebook profile belonging to…

‪FYI if your app icon is blue I can’t install your app because my blue apps page is full ‬

someone please come over here and thoroughly shame this cat

his name is Winston and he knows what he did

the unfederated / stopping fascist entryism 

Cat when I'm sleeping in just cause I'm cozy: calm, quiet, doesn't make a fuss

Cat when I stayed up late the night before and need the extra sleep: SCREME, scratches at doors, demands attention


Discussion of Masto culture and lewd posts 

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