dear current followers, I imported you all to my new account so please refollow me there

yes! please find me at my new home: @Crime (take note friends)

maybe I will move my account to a more local home

thanks to the mysterious following pornbot

whoops just discovered a mysterious boost on my timeline lol, now deleted

Last night I dreamed Twitter had a subtweet button and that's when I knew it was over ~

This party is hype but maybe it's time to go home....

Crime boosted

It's a trip how people post like mad but the sum of their followers and followees is <5. Just a different culture here I guess at least so far because of federated timeline. I wonder if that'll change as it gets unmanageably big or if action will move to increasingly differentiated local timelines, with some kind of self selection in instance choice


Enjoying looking at the federated timeline and seeing post after post where I have no idea what anyone is talking about lol

I love this thing. The way it shifts from standard stupid to nonstandard stupid halfway is beautiful

I wish I could buckle down and make myself read this Judith Butler. The fact I'm on here is evidence that engagement is impossible

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