The song takin care of business by the Bachman turner overdrive is about taking a dump.

The senate has two members from each state for a total of 100 and that is why it represents democracy in amerika. 100 is a nice round number. Don't see why this wouldn't be correct.

Just got a new 5G cellular telephone. Suddenly feeling a craving for human brain. It's probably nothing.

Wild how Sam raimi's filmography is about unimpeachable no matter what genre he takes on. Phenomenal director who truly gets it

The extent of your tolerance for a comrade who is socially conservative should be "that's cute. Run along now."

the detective who is always constipated 

No-Shit Sherlock

@robotcarsley @RussellsBarbershopQuartet it's cuz he knows he's full of shit and that no one's really gonna believe it. Very low confidence here for a con.

I'm at the Kentucky derby all the rich people are kissing the horses on the lips it's very disturbing they are doing it romantically

thinking about all the Madison Cawthorn bombshells dropping lately

The curious thing though, is how the rings feel good on your gums when you chew on them. It may get slobbery, but there's seemingly no better choice for when you're teething. For NPR, I'm Peter LaRue.

"And that's how I became the gambler (2014)"- last lines of the remake of the movie the gambler (1974) starring mark Wahlberg as the gambler.

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"Hello, I am the Gambler (1974)."- first lines of the movie the Gambler (1974), starring James Caan as the gambler.

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