I find it fascinating that the right and center has been hand-wringing about making sure "even Nazis" get to march in Skokie, but it is now impossible to say you are a lesbian on Facebook or use the word "cracker" on Twitter to refer to white people. 😐

Anyway, I'll try and tag from here on out, but the across the board crackdown on queer and lefties on social media over a very short period of time is very, very, very strange.

Like, a large material change in how we all live.

I just want to note this as something that is very different from 6 months ago. "This is not normal" got tiresome as a motto quickly, but... this is not normal.


@some_qualia social media is mostly meaningless, but this stopped being about social media when the personalities managing the companies started getting really important and… yeah, the trends are… disturbing.

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