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fuck "jokes". everything i toot is real. raw insight without the horse shit. no, i will NOT follow trolls. Mastodon dot social. i live for this

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On this note, I just found out that monopoly made a "socialism" version of the game and it's like if parker brothers watched Adam ruins games, relearned their actual history, and said "wow we need to get back to basics."

Say, Say, Say is the only good song a former Beatle ever released

dis fuckin nasty, I'm warning you. 

There's gonna be an Adam ruins socialism even though he's dsa and it's gonna make so many people mad.

the people will look up and shout "save us" and i will look down and whisper "bepis"

yes, im a picker, im a grinner, im a lover, and im a sinner but most importantly im a wife, a mother and a registered republican

once you get past 24 years old everyone is either 12 or 78

women arent funny. men arent funny. nobody is funny. the only thing that is funny is the 2007 comedy film Who's Your Caddy which was written by incredibly advanced robots specifically for Bill Clinton

Ethnic cleansing quite literally kills the environment in a number of ways to go along with the flesh and blood people it also kills and displaces. And if America causes it in south America (again!) both of these things will take place on an unprecedented scale.

libertarians, this is probably incomprehensible anyway 

Malls are cruel and twisted places.whenever I'm in the mall I become the joker

friends AND the office are leaving. please check in on the people you went to high school with in this trying time.

I've never reblogged anyone that's problematic or been problematic ever. I'm crying also.

BILL HICKS: if you have a complete set of salad bowls and they all have "Cool Whip" on the side... youuuuuu might be a redneck


Cats these days ain't shit, all they know how to do is chase red dot, pounce, lick their butts, eat hot chip and lie

I hate when I'm just sitting here being the man in the moon and then this jerk from earth crashes a goddamn rocket in my eye like he's big fucking king Kong.

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