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fuck "jokes". everything i toot is real. raw insight without the horse shit. no, i will NOT follow trolls. Mastodon dot social. i live for this

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At the same time as this, the vaccine didn't stop me from getting sick and possibly spreading it. The only thing that would would be actual proworker lockdowns or at least the freedom to take paid sick days whenever I want. And that's why Amerika is in this position and it is not going to ever change. Anyone convinced that it might is delusional. Anyone convinced that this wouldn't work is delusional.

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Bro I didn't get sick once the entire pandemic and as soon as I started working in a big office with more people not wearing masks I got a sore throat and phlegm. No idea if it was covid, but if it was I would've been in the hospital without the vaccines. I am sure of it.

If Abraham Lincoln were alive today I am confident he would be on my side of the circumcision debate (against).

Thank you Dr king. I'm not reading all of that tho. Congratulations. Or sorry it happened.

"the literal devil from hell would like to wish everyone a happy Martin Luther King Jr Day."

How dare you talk to your soccer coach like that, on Martin Luther king day

To me, it's messed up when I experience a lot of drama as the troubled patriarch of a family of music recording ding royalty.not a fan of that. But perhaps some of it is my fault.

Herzog observing toad: this being screams with the utter lunacy of a murderer. He is truly god's most unfortunate creation.

Aleister Crowley announced as new character in the fantastic beasts film series

I'm the fifth player on the basketball team with George Clooney Tobey Maguire Don cheadle and obama. Yes I am the best player. Yes I play off the ball. Yes I ballhog. No I am not sorry.

My nfts have all been hacked. I am losing hundreds of thousands. If you love me please donate to my GoFundMe so I can recover. Thank you please like and subscribe.

CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS: You say that because grandma got run over by a reindeer, you and grandpa now believe in Santa? Is that truly the limit of your skepticism? And as for this Santa figure, by your own account he is clearly a loathsome figure with no regard for human life. That is, if he does exist. Why would you even want to believe in him?

CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS: really? You saw "mommy kissing Santa Claus?" Are you sure? Are you 100% certain? I'm sure you would be surprised then to find out that it was simply your father dressed up as the fat man in red. Occam's Razor clearly is not a feature of your intellectual arsenal.

@EnlightenedFeralBoy his webbed hands are chaos. they are nature's end game. we cannot understand his suffering, as he does not understand the suffering of the audience

Herzog watching all the Spider-Man movies in chronological order: this mans life is neverending suffering. And yet he carries on. Being a costumed freak is the only thing that makes it worth living. This is an opera. All of his fans surely relate to this.

Congrats to spider man on the success of his big movie. I've long been a supporter of his and wish him the best.

Sometimes people ask me what makes me so good at being spider-man and being able to punch so hard and my answer is simply this: My faith in the lord.

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