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fuck "jokes". everything i toot is real. raw insight without the horse shit. no, i will NOT follow trolls. Mastodon dot social. i live for this

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@EnlightenedFeralBoy same here. slimer thinks it's all fun and games, but it's not

If slimer ever tried to slime me I would blast the shit out of him the piece of shit

"oh my god!! This girl has a dragon tattoo!"- last lines of the girl with the dragon tattoo

Wow just now seeing that Michael Myers actually killed his family. Was not aware of this. Unfollowing now. That is not ok.

If Michael Myers ever tried to kill me, I would simply blow him up with a nuclear bomb.

Dude, where's my car? Is set in the Scooby Doo movie universe. You cannot disprove this or convince me otherwise. This is canon.

"rip but I'm different."- Michel breal, inventing the marathon at the Olympics to honor philiplides, 1896

"oh no!!!" A psycho!!! Aaaahhhh!"- famous lines from the movie psycho when the protagonist meets the psycho

I've seen posts you people wouldn't believe. People on blast while flying in planes. I watched an account named toilet go viral for saying, "I wanna fuck a plate." All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.

The movie and the song/album Purple Rain is about how its better to be incel than to be an abusive piece of shit like your dad and your drunkass, no talent rival. It's the greatest movie and song/album ever made.

Sorry to everyone about my enormous Saturn sized nuts. The vaccine gave them to me.


Skeptical of everything about 9/11, including loose change and building 7 grifters, but the flight 93 story is complete bullshit and we're gonna feel so fucking stupid for believing it in fifty years when someone leaks the proof that it was shot down. Just the absolute laziest, most obvious fucking lie in a series of lazy obvious lies

He sees you when you're sleeping he knows when you are woke he knows if you've been torturing so be good for goodness sake osama Claus is coming to town

Hope everyone has a merry 9/11 tomorrow. Hope Osama claus brings you everything you wanted.

Everyone at the dicksucking factory is already vaccinated. Don't see the big deal.

๐ŸŽต Woah, amber is the color of my enemies (after being preserved in amber)

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