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Let no one ever be mistaken. I did this to him. I am responsible for this.

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fuck "jokes". everything i toot is real. raw insight without the horse shit. no, i will NOT follow trolls. Mastodon dot social. i live for this

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do I have.,. a mastodon account??? oh yeah, im a real toot mouth

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It's such a fuckin failure of this society that psas are now largely left up to private ad campaigns now. Even worse is that they're probably the best they could be at this point.

Been thinking about this song for a while since America made it painfully specifically relevant again.

The left really needs to work on its ratfucking. There's talent in getting the wsj to believe that cair got Laura loomer banned, but that hurts cair when it could be hurting a nazi org, as well as the newspaper.

Bluhh sure hope I don't already know the plot of the new spider-man movie just from watching the trailer and guessing correctly.

If you're a sinner and God asks you, you have to tell the truth.

I love learning a new word from something I'm reading and then squirreling it away to be used years later

Drake rejecting: Getting ignored by friends on ig
Drake approving: flirting with girls on ig

Going through a list of student names for a story and found… Kash Wollett.

Fellas, this year we're enjoying sports in a way that is inclusive of people from all backgrounds. We are leaving toxic sports fan culture in 2018. In 2019, we are being helpful and respectful of every fan even if we still remain rivals or have a different level of dedication to the team.

Hope he's prez forever because at least if we all die we'll go down laughing.

beginning to truly believe trump was always just meant to be a funny distraction as humanity goes extinct/devolves into a state of monstrous immaturity.

Arab Christians in Palestine are protesting a sculpture of ronald McDonald on the cross in an Israeli museum and its finnish artist also wants it taken down because he supports bds. I suppose there is a lesson to learn for everyone here. I don't know what it is, but it sure seems like there's one.

Absolutely fucking ridiculous that Tulsi gabbard is what is turning me into a tankie.

Drake rejecting: Sex scenes
Drake approving: The leads giving each other flowers to symbolize the act with a subtle reference to polllination

Mississippi burning is 100% pro white genocide. There are bad things about it, but it might be hated for the wrong reasons. I think it is good.

Hmm on one hand, everybody rightfully hated Mississippi burning because it was white savior shit and lionized the feds, but on the other, it featured a lot of racists getting their shit rocked and the tiniest bit of socialist propaganda.

Trying to figure out if all of the fucks would've cried about Steve king as much as they did about Steve scalise when he got got.

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