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fuck "jokes". everything i toot is real. raw insight without the horse shit. no, i will NOT follow trolls. Mastodon dot social. i live for this

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Yesterday, the thought, "wait WAS Racism Dog Lana del Raytheon, or what?" floated across my brain, and then I thought, "I don't have to know that anymore," and set the thought on a little paper boat in a creek and pushed it downstream

me six months ago: encyclopedic knowledge of the time that piffo_55 quit twitter because moonkissbaby kicked him out of a group DM because of the "peanut butter incident"
me now: vaguely aware that there is this funny twitter guy called "drill"

Gay Talese if I wanna starhump and write fake shit that's more interesting than the news and put myself at risk of defaming someone or worse doing propaganda for them accidentally, I will not use a tape recorder. I promise you. Thanks

America did a 9/11 on Puerto Rico and nobody invaded us and killed our shithead leaders.

More I think about it, more I think Russell Means would be a berniebro, assuming he'd wanna endorse any amerikkkan candidate, were he alive today. Voted nader and as I said, knew Obama, bush and Israel were full of shit.

I guess he used libertarian Russell Means to explain how socialism made reservations bad? Anyway, Means was hardcore and smart and hated capitalism just as much as america's bullshit government aid and also knew how fucking awful democrats and Israel and Bush were. So that makes it even more gross what this dumb piece of crap did.

When someone tries to get me to sin on here, I distract myself by singing a hymn to the lord.

ban anyone who even shares a glimpse of their big ass titties. thats not what this site is for

Buzzfeed benny is currently trying to convince the birdsite that America needs to give native americans more money.

I pronounce grilled cheese "girl cheese" and if you don't like it, I will set a rabid dog loose on you.

the only acceptable walking pace is the exact pace that im walking at at any given moment, thanks for coming to my ted talk

Judge Dredd is a film and comic book series about a guy who is a judge and loves to fight crime.

Everyone I need your prayers: The pr lady that I have to talk to for one of the cities I have to cover is leaving and it would be really cool if she got replaced by someone who would flirt with me.

Bad news everyone I've just summoned a demon while practicing some sex magick rituals pioneered by aleister Crowley himself. Anyway the demon is currently unleashing a torrent of darkness on the entire world. Sorry my bad

Delusional republicans think that a potential civil war would be organized according to party and not… federal gov't vs. The individual… like the actual conflict has always been. You're either gonna have to kill your constituency or get killed by trump with them, geniuses.

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