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fuck "jokes". everything i toot is real. raw insight without the horse shit. no, i will NOT follow trolls. Mastodon dot social. i live for this

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Hmmm anyone that is seriously suggesting what is essentially national socialism must be shot. They think they can weasel in and distract us from fighting liberalism and we need to prove they can't and will not be tolerated.

mad drunk words 

Hope Bernie says increasingly more idealist shit as the attacks intensify on him so they make less and less sense and when he finally wins he becomes an uber materialist.

Piece of British media that has aged worst since the 2000s has been the prime minister part of love, actually! You're fucking stupid too, you ugly fucks! Hugh grant is fine, but you'd be lucky if he was your PM!

Ukpol, disability 

Feel like everyone misses a key thing about generational differences when they defend boomers: Yes, white people largely don't change, but there are fewer and fewer of them every day. Fascists are not freaking out about birthrates for no reason.

Trump skipping debates would be a gift to democrats no matter the nominee. He fucking won them against Hillary. All they have to do is call him "chickenshit who is scared of me."

Fuck it. Boris is number one now. The island is lost. Bolsonaro is 2. Trump is 3. Rest is the same.

Oh, what's that? Yes, I do believe some new rankings are in order. Bolsonaro killing it with his unhinged accusations of Leonardo DiCaprio starting the amazon fires. Let's just make Boris Johnson's entire government 2. Trump, mbs, Trudeau, macron, and duterte round out our top 7.

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for amerikan voters 


i SAID in communist Russia, salami can have little a cats

The great Gatsby is a book about a bunch of friends who go to a lot of parties and have a lot of fun.

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