Just want to give my themed bot @dungeon_junk a shout out - it generates stupid, annoying loot that no-one would want, and terrible, useless spells. Occasionally it will generate something good - please understand this is a bug and disregard anything that's actually useful.

@EndsOfInvention oh rad! thank you yes this is also very good.
I definitely appreciate that they don't post *constantly* like some bots

@VoidDeer Yeah I made enough bots to find anything more than twice a day too much. There are some really good ones that are just too frequent so I rely on people I follow to RT/Boost the best posts.

I love the idea.
Sadly it doesn't reply. Perhaps is it down?

@isammoc trick or treat is working. Will have to investigate the other things it should reply to.

@isammoc it looks like it's just the inventory command which is broken currently

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