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Just want to give my themed bot @dungeon_junk a shout out - it generates stupid, annoying loot that no-one would want, and terrible, useless spells. Occasionally it will generate something good - please understand this is a bug and disregard anything that's actually useful.

: Two NPC helpers got totally murdered (although the party revived one), and one of the PCs would have gone down but I second-guessed myself and pulled the punch. Should have done it since it was a crit (from a giant!) and they were right near the end of the fight anyway so they could have got rezzed. Hopefully though, seeing the giants 2-shot NPCs with more health than them has shown them that giants will totally wreck their shit.

update: the frost giant siege was (eventually, after an extended shopping trip) a blast to run, and satisfyingly brutal. The party put a LOT of damage on the giants with high-tier spells before they breached the gate, but after that the fight slowed somewhat, and there were a number of total whiffs by friendly NPCs.

#DnD tonight - the party have reached Bryn Shander (SKT spoilers). Show more

#DnD tonight - the party have reached Bryn Shander (SKT spoilers). Show more

#DnD tonight - the party have reached Bryn Shander (SKT spoilers). Show more

xbox? what happened to the abox and the bbox and the cbox and the dbox and the ebox and the fbox and the gbox and the hbox and the ibox and the jbox and the kbox and the lbox and the mbox and the nbox and the obox and the pbox and the qbox and the rbox and the sbox and the tbox and the ubox and the vbox and the wbox

: just critical failed myself into falling into the basement of a burning building but critical succeeded at resisting being hypnotised by the awful monster we left down there. 🎒

A dæmon summons a messily-written scroll which appears to be inscribed with the spell Power Word: Ants.

update: one of my players is soon to go on paternity leave. Weighing up finding someone for paternity cover or just playing with 3 until they can attend again. Getting a temp in might be good just in case they're out longer than expected?

making all activities i do cool by adding the suffix '-punk'. when i have an afternoon nap, that's snoozepunk. when i eat cookies off my swollen, distended tummy, that's snackpunk. im hip now.

#DnD (Storm King's Thunder) update: Show more

#DnD (Storm King's Thunder) update: Show more

Bad news: Got a cold
Good news: Had already booked the day off tomorrow
Bad news: Haven't prepped for D&D yet
Good news: Can rope the kid into helping me build a Lego castle

I'm thinking I will continue to treat it as the PC knowing the language auto-translating for everyone, unless that PC specifically requests that they have a secret chat.

question about languages: how do you treat it when one PC in the party knows a language and reads something/talks to an NPC in that language. Do you just treat it as if the whole party knows what's being said automatically (bc in fiction the PC is translating as they go), or have some sort of secret DM-PC messaging so that the player actually has to communicate to the party and can choose to omit info/lie?

When the party arrive in Bryn Shander they will learn about Hogswatch and meet a CMOT Dibbler-type selling Yeti-skin coats.

More and more Discworld influences are creeping into my campaign...

You lay your hands on a scroll; you attempt to translate it, and discover it's the spell Grasp of Rabbits.

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