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Just want to give my themed bot @dungeon_junk a shout out - it generates stupid, annoying loot that no-one would want, and terrible, useless spells. Occasionally it will generate something good - please understand this is a bug and disregard anything that's actually useful.

@endsofinvention The Beholder Senior Vice President reluctantly compensates you with the Enchanted Copper Tunic of Fury. 'Be cautious, it's a bit smelly, like damp bird', they mumble.

question for the DMs: What questions do you ask your players to get feedback on how they're enjoying the campaign?

My hidden message/anagram in the physical letter prop worked perfectly, which was great. It took them a couple of minutes to decipher but they did it in the end without any hints. Whether they will solve the Eye of the Allfather temple puzzle is another question....

thoughts: It was fun introducing and roleplaying Harshnag interacting with the party. Having him being able to step in and decisively finish a fight was cool. The yeti ambush was atmospheric but the paralysing gaze was ultimately a dull experience for the players getting paralysed since they couldn't do anything. Probably won't use them again.

You're suiting up in a dark alley. Your partner is a hyper-bot. You're getting too old for this.

Made a "hand-written" letter prop for the next session and hidden a secret message in it which will (going by past puzzles) either be spotted immediately or completely missed altogether.

pro-tip: if you use miniatures, the Schleich fantasy monster toys are a good size for DnD and look really nice, but aren't too expensive.

@endsofinvention The Duke Of Gnolls grudgingly hands over the Enchanted Uranium Pair Of Trousers of Carver. 'Beware, it's a bit smeared with vole poo', they mutter.

You detect a dog-eared scroll that seems to be inscribed with the spell Dominate Apples. But... the words writhe under your gaze. Now it says 'Illusory Badgers'!

"There's momentum in breakfast as a consumer trend," said David Portalatin, food industry analyst at NPD. "People are giving greater share of stomach to breakfast at quick-serve restaurants."

@endsofinvention The High Council rewards you with the Diabolic Ruby Sandal of Blade. 'Take care, it's a bit last year's style', they whisper.

In related news, the Warlock got a Xanathar's Guide ability that means they never need to sleep?This has no immediate effect but I guess I need to keep this in mind if I ever want to run an encounter that happens when they're resting.

In any case, even if they ignore this and head north again I have a couple of other juicy SKT-related hooks/encounters to do so I feel a lot more prepared for next session than I did last time. I will also probably be introducing Harshnag now that I have almost finished painting the model.

#DnD Storm King's Thunder stuff. 

#DnD Storm King's Thunder stuff. 

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