Which are you? I’m chaotic neutral at the moment for desk space reasons. Still like it. I’ve been lawful evil for a short period. Very short period.

@Romston @EmmaKelley Romston can I ask where you got your tall monitor stand? I have 2x 27" WQHDs which are ~40cm tall. I can't find a stand tall enough to have one monitor above the other! 🙈

👋🏻🙂 Happy Tuesday, @stoked! I got it online at an american online shop called

Good luck on your search! 🍀


@Romston Thank you so much! I don't know if I'll find it, but at least I know they're out there!

@EmmaKelley Hay! I found another one! Yup, we're consistently chaotic evil over here in the robot lab.

@EmmaKelley Mostly true neutral but lawful neutral when I have a video call.

@EmmaKelley one giant monitor for me, wide enough to tile 3 apps across

@sminnee I’ve been considering going the huge monitor route. My only concern was playing a fullscreen game while still having an area for side stuff. How/if that would work.

@EmmaKelley yeah I’m not a massive gamer so can’t provide much personal experience there.

Chaotic neutral as well, I like the side screen for reading forums and the likes

@EmmaKelley I can't justify the use. I had tried it in office situation, but I can ALT-TAB into a different view, or application and save room on my large office desk for cats

@EmmaKelley Lawful Neutral when WFH, Chaotic Evil in the office. :masto_rage:

@EmmaKelley lawful neutral! In my prior job I just used my laptop which I note is literally off the charts here.


Over the last 12yrs or so I've been

lawful neutral, neutral good, chaotic good, true neutral, chaotic neutral... Currently true neurtral... but with a really, really big frickin screen... So big I could no longer get more than one monitor on my huge desk.

@EmmaKelley Neutral good in the office, chaotic good on my home gaming computer, and chaotic neutral on my home office setup. Not sure what that says about me.


Current setup, you can't see my home server which is in another corner and controlled remotely from here... as is the other system in the house.

@EmmaKelley lawful evil and I don't know why it's considered lawful evil. Way better ergonomics to look up and down occasionally than be looking to the side constantly. 🤷‍♂️

@EmmaKelley I am currently neutral good. I would happily be chaotic evil had I the space and the hardware.

I used to run chaotic good but I never really made good use of the vertical space. I've also tried having 3 screens (crossed between lawful good and chaotic good) but didn't really make use of the third screen. So I've settled into neutral good.

@EmmaKelley I’m a mixture of Chaotic Neutral and Lawful Evil. Or possible even a mild version of Chaotic Evil. 😂

@EmmaKelley I replaced true neutral with one 34.1" monitor. I could be persuaded to make this also a true neutral setup....

@EmmaKelley lawful good and chaotic evils is just having more money.

@wewe 3 monitors, and they’re all the same brand, same model no less? What black magic is this?

@EmmaKelley True Neutral, unless having my laptop next to the pc’s keyboard counts?

@EmmaKelley chaotic neutral too, but looking to go lawful evil actually

@EmmaKelley Chaotic good, but only because of where the power button is on my laptop


True Neutral because I don't really need multiple screens.

@EmmaKelley Lawful neutral until I get enough deskspace when I become chaotic evil

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