Dwarf Fortress for Steam is out tomorrow! Curious to see the new UI in action.

@EmmaKelley I played DF soooooo much. Here's hoping I don't get too addicted...

@EmmaKelley I had never played it before and was partially waiting for this release. Looking forward to it.

@EmmaKelley I'm so excited, I've been playing Dwarf Fortress for a few years now, with dfhack & twbt. I can't wait to learn the new AI. I hear it makes things like twbt obsolete.

@DocRevan yeah, it’s overall the same Dwarf Fortress, just more friendly to new players with a built-in tileset, tutorial, and new UI.

@EmmaKelley now I gotta see what Dwarf Fortress is and resist the urge to pick up another amazing RPG. 😄

@EmmaKelley just looked. Never thought Civ games to be roguelike construction management simulators (according to the wiki)

Looks fun!

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