I keep a couple external drives on my desk for this reason.

@EmmaKelley One or two U.S. Robotics 33.6 kbps modems would fit perfectly too :angery:

@Guga I have 1 gig up and down now, but I still miss my US Robotics 56k, finding a solid phone number and seeing I’m getting a particularly good speed that day.

@EmmaKelley Don't forget making SURE no one even *touches* the phone extension during that precious Getright-backed download :drake_like:

@EmmaKelley Were it not for the waste of energy, paperweights made of old external harddrives that just make classic computer noises and maybe "happy birthday" would be neat.

@EmmaKelley 😂 my husband just rearranged his office because the drives we have for our little local cloud are too loud

@EmmaKelley nothing like the soothing sound of a 20Mb 5”1/4 RLL hard drive.

@EmmaKelley I use an old server as a computer, it sounds like an airplane at takeoff

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