Which clients/apps do you use for ?

So far I haven't found a client for any desktop OS I've liked much, so I use the website in "advanced web interface" mode.

For iOS I find myself going back to ToooT the most.

@EmmaKelley Same for desktop, “advanced” does the job just fine for me.

On iOS I prefer MetaText.

@EmmaKelley I use the big standard Mastodon app for Android and don't use advanced view on PC (just felt too cluttered for my taste)

@EmmaKelley *bog standard (damn autocorrect always changes bog to big)

@EmmaKelley On my MacBook I use the web version in standard mode. It looks like the birdsite version. On mobile, I use web also. Back then, I tried using the Twitter app, but I hated it. There was a hell of a lot of ads on the app too. So going web, I have ad blockers in Safari and so I didn’t get many ads on Twitter.

@EmmaKelley check out pinafore. It's fast, minimal and clean

@arunsr1ni oh sweet, didn’t know there was an alternative web frontend

@EmmaKelley On iOS, I use @tootapp for the most part. I have a *lot* of them, but the ability to add and browse multiple server timelines is something I can’t live without.

👋🏼 Hi there! Same as you. I prefer the website. For iOS I prefer Metatext, but I haven’t tried TooT yet.

@EmmaKelley I kinda like the actual Mastodon app myself. To be fair, I’ve been pretty busy with work and haven’t had a lot of time to fiddle with it but it seems perfectly serviceable so far.

@EmmaKelley I just installed Sengi (on Linux desktop). So far, I'm liking it.

@EmmaKelley For Android I use Tusky. It was the first client I downloaded and I was happy with it. On the desktop I use as I didn't like the standard Mastodon server UI.

On desktop I just use website interface.

I have an android phone and have been using Yuito on that. This is a fork of Tusky, which also seemed pretty good. I just found Yuito had a few things labeled in a more convenient way for me.

@EmmaKelley Same. The desktop web app is pretty close to TweetDeck, which works pretty well.

Although I wish it had some more fine control over the columns.

@EmmaKelley I use metatext for my iOS phone. For the website I use advanced mode.

@EmmaKelley late responding but I have yet to find anything better than advanced mode web for desktop and for mobile I use Tusky. I've tried Fedilab but just prefer Tusky overall.

@EmmaKelley I mostly just use the advanced interface mode on my chosen servers webpage but i modified the column width so it takes up the whole width of my browser with just the main column and the menu drawer open. I just use the one column in advanced mode now.
I also use the mastodon app on my phone, but I will be looking for an alternative soon.

@EmmaKelley I just learned that if you go to your server's address in chrome on your phone, it will prompt you to install the PWA App of Mastodon for your individual server. It's like the advanced interface, but with just one column, kinda like I was using on PC. It's much nicer than the official app. Although im on android. Not sure if it does that on ios, you'd have to test it out.

@SnapHappyFox dang, no such luck. It just loads the normal mobile version with Safari/Chrome.

@mayread3 Hah, I was just talking to someone about that one. I'm gonna finally try it.


i use MetaText, it reminds me of tweetdeck the way my server ( also reminds me of tweetdeck, but of course, other apps are

@EmmaKelley tooot and metatext, both of which will hopefully get some updates soon.

@EmmaKelley I'm using Tusky. I find it versatile and pretty intuitive.

@EmmaKelley I mainly use the web client on desktop and mobile. I haven’t found an app that I love. Tapbots is working on a client. Hoping it’s as good as Tweetbot

@EmmaKelley you’re going to want to use Ivory for iOS. It’s currently in Alpha/Beta but it’s amazing.

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