How many post-its can you get away with before you start looking deranged?

Today was Crater Day as part of Science Literacy week. We dropped marbles into coco powder and flour.

This is the place where a donner kebab was. A proper, elephants leg, chili sauce and garlic mayo, £5 greasy kebab, the likes of which I haven't had in over 6 years.
Also consumed, 3 pints of IPA in a pub with no music, no sports on screens and no Wi-Fi, and where one of the pints was bought for us by a total stranger with whom we happened to start slagging off the stupidity of brexit.

Brief intro: I really am a doctor of coffee. That is a long story. Nowadays, I have many hats... Mum, writer, dispenser of caffeine, one of Those annoying cyclists, book seller, crazy ferret lady and day job is sort of a science educator.
This makes me seem much busier than I feel.

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