How do you get on Mastodon i mean dream of having a twitter checkmark.. but that will never happen so this seems to be a realistic alternative!

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@DrNotThatEvil It's just a Emoji, nobody is verfied here (or everybody ?) lol

@DrNotThatEvil cut and paste whatever emoji you want to have. however, I think its becoming more cool NOT to have an emoji after your name!

@eileenb How come ? Do the kids now adays not even like emojis?
Man i'm out of touch..

@DrNotThatEvil lulz! the credible guys on here don't seem to have emojis... have a look round!

@eileenb Yes incredible pepole don't need emojis sadly i'm not incredible i'm quite average indeed.

So i might goahead add a emoji.

@DrNotThatEvil Go for a :pineapple:Pineapple; they're popular here! :smile: cc/ @eileenb

@DrNotThatEvil you DO know that the tickmarks on Mastodon aren't verified accounts, they're just emoji that people add to their display name?

@martinbckr Yes i was notified. My dreams of being verified on something are shot down again sad

@DrNotThatEvil haha the sadness prevails... don't worry, I share your grief

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