I'm moving to a new Mastodon instance and account. Just for a fresh start.
Check ya all later!

Good day folks. I need to use Mastodon more! Maybe I need to make a new account for a fresh start. Still deciding...

Okay i want to start playing again.
I mean loved playing it a while back but i stopped since i'm lazy.

Any on how to get started again ?

Tommorow i will head to
with school!
I can't wait to explore berlin for the first time if you know some great spots we should visit let me know!

Okay quick question i finished Zelda breath of the wild what other game should i get now ?

That moment you think o wait i still have a Digital Ocean droplet running thats doing absolutly nothing i better cancel it cause it costs money.
Digital Ocean goes down for maintenence.

Man i should install git flow again but i have some school projects with pepole who never used .
Seems wrong to force them to use the git flow right from the start.

i myself but i'm open for more emoji forces to convince me to change it.

Since i guess there a lot of at here. What channels / servers are cool now adays?
i had a irc fase some time ago but i should get back into it :)

How do you get on Mastodon i mean dream of having a twitter checkmark.. but that will never happen so this seems to be a realistic alternative!

What are messages on
called? I have no idea!
But here is my first message on mastodon!


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