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Not that I was his biggest fan, I am not crowing about him getting kicked out of .cloud.

I think a certain population on these instances (I won't say who, but they often have flags/symbols in their names) need to not be so sensitive as to not even allow a low-key notable personality in their midsts. If you all want a hugbox, where no baddies exist, there are instances like that available to flee to. On larger general instances like this one, you may perhaps need to suck it up and deal.

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THE FIRST GUY WHO EVER SAID LOOK IM NOT GONNA BLOW SMOKE UP YOUR ASS: look, im not gonna blow smoke up your ass
ALL OF HIS FRIENDS: fuckin what? you're not gonna WHAT?

I heard when Wil Wheaton makes a painful fart, he cries and then writes a blog post about it.

Apparently there is a certain has-been celebrity on this instance that is reporting anyone who dares poke fun at him. Is this correct?

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Can I just say how amazing it is to click on my ad blocker settings for this site and see only ONE domain being accessed?

Not even my own personal website does that.

How soon before Mastodon gets link embeds? I would prefer not to click on YouTube links, et al, before knowing what they lead to.

I'm looking at the fedi timeline rn and it's… not good. A lot of drunk and crazy (but not funny) crap.

If I was a new user and saw it, I would not want to stick around. 😕

I am just going to say "post" and not "toot."

Sorry if that is not whimsical enough for you.

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what the fuck there’s this amazing new sound if you boost a tweet

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this place has the energy of a school bus on the way to a field trip in the best possible way

If anyone hasn't already made a porn instance for Mastodon called "Masturdon," then the opportunity is right there for the taking.

Big Alf tiddies? Wut in tarnation are y'all talking about?

Oh, I just discovered some anime nazis in the fedi TL. That should not be.

I am reviving the word "plonk" for people that are landing in my blocks.

The Federated Timeline is too busy, but it's good because you can click on stuff you hate and block it. It's like a game.

Birdsite + Complaining 

Things I would prefer not to see on Mastodon (besides everyone's usual gripes):

- Awful derivative memes
- Ironic Communism
- Screenshots from shitty people
- Anything about Trxmp
- Protests
- Videos that are insanely loud
- Flag Emoji
- Marketers
- Smugness in any form

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