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@Gargron Too quirky. Smells of Web 2.0 era cuddliness that has long passed.

Just got a 12 hour Twitter time out for not being racist, but using a term that racists use, and therefore setting off the smoke alarm. My fault for not knowing better, I guess.

@Gargron My theory is that they wish to monetize their account in some fashion because they measure the click rates and likes. Just like with the sites that repost memes and other people's funny posts. It's not for fun, they just want to make money with other people's content. Bottom feeders.

If users want to flock to smaller instances and way from large ones, that's probably for the best.

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can the person who wrote this folding sign PLEASE make a mastodon account


@Down10 hearing about a synagogue very much like the one my family attends get shot up has not helped my esteem. I feel like I am doomed, and now I have to put on a big smile? FML

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I'm worried that I will blow my first big job interview tomorrow because I don't know how to speak positively of myself and my severe anxiety and depression will cause me to not respond well.

@Ellteo You cannot prevent derivatives of your artwork, only rise above it. Unless they are claiming it as their original color choice, just accept the imitation as flattery and move on.

@rockerest Log into Netflix from a browser and delete it from your history.

My faith in humanity is at an all time low this week. I was already dispirited, but things are declining at a faster pace than I can manage. 😥

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@dubsteppenwolf My deaf friend informed me that closed-captioning is not required by law and is usually only provided by third-party sponsors. This is why it's hard to find, because shows/movies don't come with hard captions originally, they have to be outsourced.

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is the best thing about Twitter rn. The best thing about the internet itself, maybe. So many people collaborating on bringing a brand new waifu to life. It's beautiful.

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