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@kalasangan_ Only from the instance's home page, afaik. You cannot be a "guest" and browser another instance, only as a logged-in member. He blocked me on Twitter when he announced that book with L-MM, and I replied both their careers were jumping the shark at the same time.

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late stage capitalism is looking at hurricane devastation and getting ads for new cars in between

@threeze @stx I do, but it's from another century and I don't even know if it still works

@Gargron The list of red flags increases the longer you watch.

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"A world first WoW raider reflects back on a date he had on stream during break"

Oh my fucking god

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jeff bezoz treats my family incredibly well. one time he called my wife and they had a splendid night out together. im proud to work at amazon

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@65thdiscord Good thing we don't have politicians that ignorant on how the internet works here in the US.

Oh, wait, no— they're even worse.

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