@laura Beg pardon, but what is wrong exactly with Google for contacts and Gmail?

@Gargron I just joined, mostly because my current instance mastodon.cloud is likely shutting down at the end of June. Thanks.

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My run at the "Where is Morph?" preset on the varia.run tracker was a success. Combining a slightly rude ruleset on top of the skillset I know I have was a really, really good experience with the randomizer. This was hard, but never felt unreasonably so or unfun.

Thanks to everyone who watched today!

Oh no the Sinfest guy blocked me. And all I said was that his comic strip was unbearable. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@TatsuyaIshida I made art like this when I was 20 years old too.

Top ten ideologies close to class consciousness but not really 

@SunSaint 1. This post

Having all my bird site accounts suspended or shadowbanned means I will probably be spending more time here.

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I would say 99% of users post in the same language as their OS setup.

@NevadaJack good advice for old men who need to die soon so that they get out of the way of progress, you mean.

@Gargron I think more people are searching for and not the other term.

@cubicgarden Did you really mark a picture of a burger as "sensitive content?" lmao

@helldude You don't have to go back. I probably shouldn't either, but I like how active it is, and a lot of my friends are still there (and not here).

Birdsite; language 

Caught another Twitter timeout for telling our Moron in Chief to just "fucking die already".

So I guess I'll be here for a while until Twitter decides that it cares more about its users than nazis-in-training and wannabe dictators.

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