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If you saw that someone made a design/character/artwork that used the exact palette (color picked and all) for a piece/character/design you did, how would you feel about that? To what extent is it okay to draw inspiration from?

Personally, I feel like it's fine to be inspired by color harmonies you like, but to color pick exact colors from another artists work feels a little...invasive, to me? You can't own colors, but that's a bit much, imo. Thoughts?

@Ellteo You cannot prevent derivatives of your artwork, only rise above it. Unless they are claiming it as their original color choice, just accept the imitation as flattery and move on.

@Down10 Yeah! One can't really lay claim to a set of colors - the idea came up when a friend of mine created a design with colors that were Exactly the same as another persons character, and he mentioned that he color picks colors he likes from designs he's inspired by. The person had issue with it enough to point this out to him.

Personally, color picking another artists design, then using that to create something you plan to sell is a little weird, but?? There's no way to stop that.

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