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I'm Poppy I make games you can go here to play the best game (Parsnip) for free but also please buy it im poor and gay

When I get home that night I am not on the train anymore, i am in my bed. But in my dreams I am still onboard, going to the stations all along the line and waving cheerily to the other passangers the entire time.

"Do you like driving the train?" I speak into the special phone for talking to the driver only. He doesn't answer, because I never pulled the little lever (it is not an emergency). I know he is nodding though, I am very sure he heard my quiet question.

I get back on the train later that day. It's far quieter now, the discarded cups, papers and crisp packets of commuters long gone seem to be my only company. "It's like a museum" I say to myself, for you are no longer with me. "A special museum, all about today". I smile.

"So this is 'The train', it's like riding in an extra long car!" I cried, face pressed to the glass window. "Yes!" You reply, "all the comfort of a limo (the longest car) and thrice the speed!" We both nod, happy in the knowledge that the driver is our friend now.

star wars the last jedi PUNCHED me in the face and then broke all my han solo memorabilia part 1/10 (21:23)

“We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock”

Goin to post a wacky minions meme about how wine is my valentines day date tomorrow 😜 🍷

bad news for all my mastadon friends!: I have run out of original content, so I just have to repost all my old content and hope no one notices!!!

they say ur never more than a few feet from a rat. I wish i had long arms so i could always be pettin those close by friends

boostin all my best toots, i am a marketer now... marketin myself, that is.

i think we all have three masks

One that we show the outside world, one that we show only in private and one that looks like Stuart Little (it is not stuart little, it just looks like him)

UPDATE: rat poison 🙅 do not eat it if ur a rat!!!

hey everyone i just set up a very very strong password for my 'My Maths' account. dont even TRY to hack me and do my homewrok!!!!

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