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Self-intro: AYOR 

Gay Aussie guy, in Japan, partnered.
Fulltime, freelance Japanese to English translator (business, sociopolitical, history, PR, etc).
I practice tea ceremony and enjoy learning languages (Mandarin at uni, mainly Spanish now, have studied some Thai, Dutch & others).
Content: Japan/ese, Australia, gay, 70s disco, 80s synthpop & other music, vermouth, history & tacky jokes.
More serious IRL than online.

Does #RoCur culture exist on Mastodon? BeingTokyo was a cool account. Could it work here?

A mastodon bot that replies to every single post posted by Mastodon Twitter Crossposter with "thanks for that".

Had a quick productive (?) encouraging video chat with @Makkoruden and that was a nice way to start the day and break the monotony of freelance WFH translution life.

I have surgical experience. Haven't performed neurosurgery, but I suppose if paleolithic shamans could manage it, I most likely can, too.

When life gives you lemons, give the lemons back. Why were the lemons free? Is something wrong with the lemons? Are the lemons haunted? Be suspicious of the lemons.

Hardcore DJ set.
Also, shirtless...
Midnight Shift - ยฅร˜U$UKโ‚ฌ ยฅUK1MAT$U | Hร–R - Nov 19 / 2022

This tiny, coffin-shaped gold pendant is inhabited by an enamelled skeleton which can be seen through the crystal lid. Decorations on the reverse in black and white enamel feature tongues of flame and a skull with crossed bones. France. 16th cent (British Museum) #MementoMori #coffin #skeleton #histodons #history #16thcentury

"Those who choose the lesser evil forget very quickly that they chose evil."
- Hannah Arendt

Sell a man a fish, and he pays you for a day. Sell a man a subscription to a proprietary fishing system, and he pays you for the rest of your life.

A 1793 erotic novel loosely based on the lesbian circle surrounding the French actress Mademoiselle Raucourt.

#newacq #NewAcquisition

Kirkjufellfoss, #Iceland ๐ŸŒˆ

I left Reykjavik early morning and headed 3 hours north to the Snรฆfellsnes Peninsula to shoot Kirkjufell.
We arrived at the famous peak. It was a downpour. My heart sank. Exhausted and still to early to go eat dinner, I took a nap in the car for โ€œa few minutes.โ€ A few minutes turned into an hour.
As I slept, the sun had come out behind me and woke me up. I turned and looked at Kirkjufell. My jaw dropped. Rainbow over Kirkjufell!
#Fotomontag #photography #rainbow

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