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Plant happenings! Catnip in it's purple glory, honeysuckle and the small tree is a newly planted pawpaw in the forest garden.

Massive outburst from a star captured over four years by the Hubble Space Telescope #Hubble #Space #star

Liaizon Wakest on Autonomous Social Media and the Fediverse
Hey! This is our first foray into posting on castopod. You can find our regular episodes at but let's see how this goes!
Dunstan Bruce on The Untold Story of Chumbawamba
Dunstan Bruce of the anarchist band Chumbawamba joined us to talk about his music, political movements, aging film-making and most recent documentary "I Get Knocked Down: The Untold Story of Chumbawamba".

Hey there ^_^, I'm new to Mastodon and Part of what I love about solarpunk is its hopefulness, and focus on the power of imagination and people organizing together. I feel like I'm missing a big picture though of how things can be fixed. I'm interested in hearing ways people keep feeling hopeful. Or how they make sense of taking action in a world of impending global eco-collapse. Are there particular focuses, movements or ways of organizing that you're optimistic about?

An event that may be of interest to #solarpunk & #climatefiction folx:

Join authors Malka Older, Christopher Brown, Eliot Peper, and Andrew Dana Hudson for a conversation on politics and speculative fiction.

🌱 The Topic: 🌱
The politics of climate change, political literature, and the craft of writing speculative fiction about our precarious near future.

🌱The Details: 🌱
On Zoom, Wednesday, May 25, 2022, 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific

@floppy @stux @Dennyhenke Right! A term I just remembered which you don't really hear anymore is "netiquette" — feels to me like the fediverse culture actually makes that a thing again. I'm all for it—and cozy coffee shops too! 😄

I wish citizens of the US took their responsibilities as citizens more seriously. Being more informed and concerned with foreign policy and actions carried out in their name and paid for by their tax dollars. The vast majority just seem to lazily go along blissfully unaware of the costs that their lives impose upon people in other countries. I think the media is largely responsible for this airgap. Vast ignorance.

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@humanetech @EDPS

Fediquette is a type of culture that needs to be spread, lived and will be subject to strong evolution and differentiation.

It is not excluded that there will be a real speciation, but it is important to proceed towards three main guidelines:

1) interaction: Accounts should maintain a balance between posting messages and replying messages
2) diversity: mastodon has now become the main gateway to the fediverse, but it is important that institutions not only fossilize on Mastodon! There are many other social networks that may be even more suitable for certain institutions such as universities, authorities and officials profiles: @admins , @LemmyDev , @mobilizon , @bookwyrm ! Diversity diversity diversity!
3) integration with democratic participation platforms: as the @EU_Commission , you are already promoting (and financing) projects like @decidim , but above all you should try to finance integration with in Fediverso: with Decidim, but also with unknown or non-existent projects. !

But remember to produce informative materials in all languages ​​of the European Union! Often the individual states are not sensitive at all or are still mentally imprisoned from the point of view of the social owners!

For the rest, we (as @informapirata ) tried to offer tools for the Italian public, because they lacked adequate tools in our language…

@floppy @stux Reminds me a bit of the early blogosphere when people went out of their way to communicate with fellow bloggers, guest post, share links, etc. It wasn't just content silos everywhere run by selfish "influencers"

I feel like people here on the Fediverse generally think a lot more about their posts than they do on Twitter, for example!

Over the years I have seen several examples of people who wonder whether or not to post things, but also many questions whether certain content is allowed or not. And I love this!

Even seen people putting extra effort to reduce file size for videos on PeerTube even to safe space :blobcathearts:

Like uh.. we are more "aware" of the content instead of blasting it out like a speaker on the bird :birdsite:

Thank you for that ❤️ :fediverse: :blobcathug:

@stux Very true!

I wonder the nice atmosphere of the Fediverse might also have to do with the federated nature of the network of people.

That is: An instance-based neighbourhood of (presumably) like-minded people adhering to some code of conduct including blocked instances.

Maybe this could also be described as slightly more involved moderation (per instance) based on shared values

I'm sick of being around cars, having to hear cars, see cars, breathe their fumes, worry about getting hit by them, walk around parked cars when I wanna cross the street, hear people talk about cars, live in a city that's built around cars cars cars cars cars...

As we focus on Putin's aggression we should remember our (US) own foreign policy and actions in Iraq and the Middle East. And, for that matter, US conduct globally for the past 70 years.

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A couple of weeks before Bush's accidental admission of war crimes against Iraq I came across photos of our small protests in Kirksville, MO against the first Gulf War in 1990, After that war there was a period of economic sanctions, Then of course, the second war,

A sneak peek of my realtime project tiny cabin! Some minor things are still on my todo list. But the release will be coming soon😄
#sketchfab #3dart #animation #tinyworld #tinycabin #tree #forestspirits

Appraoching thunderstorm came out nicely in post-editing. First one is single shot, second image panorama of 8 images stitched together in #PTgui (cylindrical mercator).

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