After trying it out in 2018 or 2019, almost 3 months ago I re-joined Mastodon. It was a big deal for me, since I distrust every social network out there.

Despite the apparent similarity to other sites, Mastodon – and the Fediverse in general – is not even in the same league.

In less than 3 months I've found interesting and helpful people, thoughtful debates, sincere posts and general openness. A complete departure from "before".

I'm in my 50s and this is the web I remember from the 1.0 days.

@stux Nothing short of shutting this country down with a and, at the same time, a huge effort at local community building. People in the US have gotten so complacent and passive. No effort is made to hold government accountable, just a lot of complaining at the keyboard. Many of our problems need the same solution, wide-scale, decentralized community organizing. In short, participating and organizing the solutions ourselves and shutting down business-as-usual.

Some examples that I've seen or been a part of: Bike co-op (fixing donated bikes, teaching repair skills to kids, , transport), (shared housing fostering community, shared resources, , economical), community gardens (learning how to grow food, mutual aid, time spent together, food production), tool library (sharing resources), community free schools/libraries. Almost any local business can be built as a co-op. via potluck meals

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We need real, face-to-face and development of relationships. It's messy, difficult, and hard. Sometimes it amounts to very little. Sometimes it changes lives. Little changes, big changes. But if we don't start making the efforts we can be sure that we will fail. But if we get out there and try, experiment, fail, learn, fail again, but keep building. I don't see any other way. Waiting for broken government is just letting others do what they want with our lives.

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If we want change, be it gun control, addressing climate collapse, protecting abortion rights, confronting white supremacy, we're going to have to get out of our houses and off our couches. The movements are all there, but we all need to help build community power via local activism: co-ops, elections, clinic escorting, protests, ultimately, we probably need to organize a and shut down the whole thing. Real direct action not complaining via keyboards.

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So, yet another school shooting followed by outrage and the usual call for change. The ugly truth is that we are all the problem, even those of us who don't own guns and who want . We're the problem we because we're too passive. We demand far too little of ourselves as citizens of a supposed democratic republic by the people, for the people, we've been content to watch passively as "our" government, proves ineffectual at solving problems. Voting and typing isn't enough.

A recent episode of the It Could Happen Here podcast provides an excellent exploration of 50 years of right wing terrorism in the United States, particularly violence against abortion rights advocates and providers. Worth a listen. So much violence and I suspect many are unaware.

@chris @chartier Spark by Readdle is the only one I’ve used and I like it but mostly use Apple Mail

I'm not growing a lot of food in my garden but I enjoy every little bit I do grow! Most recently, lettuce and strawberries. And plenty of wild daisies which are edible though I've not tried them in my salad yet.

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Whenever i read "pro-life" and "pro-choice" I have to take a few seconds to remember which one is "which". Letting women have abortions, avoiding them potentially dying or ruining their life, is obviously pro-life.

Did you know that Apple Photos on iOS and iPadOS can identify plants in images?

All this year, I've been teaching students about the concept of "ordered liberty," the balance between public good & private freedom. It's a fundamental idea when discussing American government.

We contrast this sort of political equilibrium with one of full, unimpeded liberty, or the "state of nature," where anyone can do anything they like to anyone else without any restriction. The only consequence is what others may do to you.

There is no ordered liberty when it comes to guns here. There is only a state of nature - a Hobbesian one that is nasty, brutish, & all too short. It is absolutely not what the Founders or Framers intended. Anyone who claims as such - that there's some unrestricted right to gun ownership and use - is blowing so much smoke up your ass you might as well call yourself a chimney.

Selling Free Speech (w/ Eugen Rochko of Mastodon)

Since the early 2000s, social media and social networking has played a key role in how internet users across the world interact with one another.

#OtD 24 May 1968 In France, the May 68 uprising peaked. 10 million workers were on strike with many occupying their factories. The city of Nantes and its surroundings were controlled by the workers. The state plotted repression.

32 years ago today, on May 24 1990, Judi Bari was bombed by the FBI in Oakland, CA. The feds planted an explosive device in her car in a bungled assassination attempt reminiscent of COINTELPRO tactics. She, along with Darryl Cherney, survived the blast. Pigs never conducted a real investigation of the attack, instead blaming Bari and Cherney for the explosion.

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