My 12 year experiment in tiny house living. Added a solar panel this year. Hard to see in photo but mixed in there are a few raised garden beds with kale, lettuce, radishes and strawberries, herbs, fruit/nut trees, native wildflowers. Laundry day so clothes drying on the lines. Still on grid though I make constant effort to minimize. Firm believer that while we need large systemic changes, we can also make our own individual efforts.

@Dennyhenke That’s lovely, congratulations on accomplishing that for yourself. We visited a friend with a not-too-dissimilar setup today, albeit in the context of a narrowboat. It was one of the most life-affirming afternoons I can remember, sitting there eating bibimbap with greens and veggies he’d grown himself, and it really gives me an idea what your days and nights must be like. I don’t mind admitting I’m more than half-jealous of him and you both.

@Dennyhenke I’m so jealous, you are living the dream!! I really hope to own something like this myself some day

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