Today, Jan 22 – nine days before tax season really takes off for tax preparers – I closed a sale. And a top tier sale at that. I don’t understand the timing, but I’ll certainly take it. (I’ll have to find a delicate way to ask him, “Why now?”)

I’m on a baking spree this weekend, trying to work on my shaping skills. (I have a tendency to degas the dough too much when forming loaves.) I shaped 3 yesterday and will do 3 more today. That’s 9 lbs (4 kg) of dough. I’ve got bread coming out of my ears!

I just discovered that you don’t have to issue a Form 1099-MISC for payments made via credit card. This is going to simplify things dramatically! 🎉

An accountant just scheduled a call with me to discuss a new website for his business. I’m January. Mere days before this tax filing season takes off in earnest.

And the moral of this story is: “Always follow up.” 👍

It used to be on iOS that holding the Camera button would take a burst of photos. Now it apparently switches to video. Is there any way to restore the old behavior? If not, where did they hide the burst photo feature? Yes, even *your* responses. Even without identifying information I was able to pick your comments out of the bunch. 😉😂

Thanks to everyone who completed our conference survey. I just finished crunching all the numbers and we got a lot of great responses. Thanks for all the feedback!

Oatmeal sourdough, experiment #3.
90% white flour
10% whole wheat flour
25% rolled oats
90% water
2% salt
After three tries, this is the first dough and crust I’m really happy with. Final verdict will have to wait until it cools and I can cut it open.

Let the record show that is the first person to send me the right answer to my earlier riddle. All hail the riddle master! 🎉

Someone’s mother has four sons. North, South and East. What is the name of the fourth son. Private message me the name of the fourth son. If you lose, you have to repost.

I lost to

Please people. If you have to thread 30 tweets together to make your point, just blog it instead. Use your own blog. Use Medium. I don’t care. There is no substantial Twitter thread that couldn’t make its point more forcefully and convincingly as a blog post.

OH my Dad as I tried to explain podcasts to him: “Oh! They’re like radio programs.”
Yes. Yes they are.

Free product idea: An email marketing platform that’s smart enough to not send emails on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, etc. 🤦‍♂️

Current status: Deleting tweets with abandon so that I can fix typos.

Why is there no “Paste and Match Style” in Mail in iOS??? 😭

Verdict: The oatmeal sourdough is good, but still needs a little more experimentation. It tastes great, but the crumb isn’t as open as I usually prefer. That could be because I need to add more water, or it could be from all the oats in the dough. I’ll have test.

My first batch of an experimental sourdough with 20% oatmeal. (That’s 20 parts oatmeal for every 100 parts flour.) I can’t wait for these to cool so I can taste it and inspect the crumb. 🥖

It’s always nice when you get to delete a line from that file on your desktop titled “Long-Term To Do.txt” ✅

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