Today’s bake: Two loaves of sourdough and three leaves of cinnamon swirl bread. 🥖🍞

Researching full disk encryption in Linux, Apple’s FileVault seems light years ahead of any of the options offered by Linux, particularly in terms of ease of use.

Brain transplant complete. My little miniPC now boots Ubuntu. All in all, installation wasn’t that bad. The printer was even automatically detected.

So what’s the best way to burn an .iso to a USB stick on a Mac (Sierra)? Can Disk Utility do that? Surely there has to be a better way than `dd`. My kingdom for a progress indicator!

It’s alive! The miniPC is up and running the preinstalled Windows 10 image. Now to get Linux installed…

Has anyone noticed that in the iOS photo editor, the button you tap to access the rotation feature indicates that you can rotate counterclockwise, but in actuality you can only rotate clockwise? The two buttons even have arrows that point opposite directions. 🤪

Look what I found lying around in a closet! I think Im going to putter around with this this weekend and use it as a proof-of-concept Linux box before I drop $1,500 on a new laptop.

This seems lime a long shot, but does anyone out there live in Kenya, have an eCitizen account, and willing to do a search for me? I need to do a business search and can’t access the online database because I don’t have a Kenyan passport (as best I can tell).

New HR policy for Pandemic Fridays are hereby declared “Pajama Fridays.” I recommend this policy for other bootstrappers out there since it has been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on morale.

After chatting with yesterday, I might have convinced myself to buy a new Dell XPS 13. Lighter than a MacBook Air, faster than a MacBook Pro, for $1,100. Please convince me that switching operating systems is going to be a bigger hassle than waiting for the new Pro! 😱

What kind of day is it, you ask? Well I just did a `git revert` of my `git revert`. It’s that kind of day. 🤦‍♂️

I spent a day setting things up so that I can deploy a web app with a `git push` and I think it is the biggest productivity win that I’ve had in months. 🎉

This day in baking: Easter edition.
Busy day today. Today I:
1. Mixed and shaped 2 loaves of sourdough, for baking tomorrow,
2. Baked 3 loaves of oatmeal molasses bread,
3. Made a chicken pot pie for dinner, and
4. Made “Dabby Doughs” with the pie dough remnants as a treat.

Becoming crustini for a charcuterie board is the highest calling to which a baguette can aspire. 🥖

From inspiration to cooling rack in just over four hours. My scoring still needs more work, but not bad for my second attempt at baguettes. 🥖

Shhh… the bread is sleeping. Rise little baguettes! 🥖💤

We just decided that we want baguettes for dinner, so I formulated my two-day French bread recipe to fit into the available 4.5 hours. I hope this works. 🤞🥖

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