Can we all agree that if Trump dies before he is sent to jail that we just dump his casket in a jail house exercise yard for a few weeks to bake in the sun before plopping it in a shallow grave, next to an off ramp in a bad part of New Jersey or something?

Trump says he can't stand flippers but we all know he would flip in a second if it could save him from jail. Too bad he's the big fish they are all after

I can't wait to see Trump cry as they cart him into jail

Was on Twitter and said "Fuck Trump" so coming over here to see what is going on in case I get thrown in Twitter Jail soon.

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Friendly reminder: this isn't Twitter.

If you're mad about something? Use a content warning.

If you want to write a long post? Use a content warning.

Don't share screenshots of toots that make you mad, and don't follow people that make you mad.

You've left the swirling fire vortex of rage birdsite created to keep investors and advertisers happy. Live free! Live well 👍

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jack: look its important we have a wide variety of views on our site
mastodon tom eugen: nazis can get fucked 24/7 terfs too

If you ever wondered why John Mulany got his own show, it might be because of this story:

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@TLBJames @Wintersong @garpu I feel like we are the kids sitting at what will soon be the popular table in the school lunch room

Nice to be on a social network that doesn't like Nazis

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