Need a new TV series to watch. Any recommendations?

The Internet makes things so convenient. Before it existed, if you wanted to order anything online, you had to invent the Internet.

Have to say, I really dig Toronto. Wish I had more time to explore last week.

Mushroom tastes like burnt Sanka. Otherwise, it's not completely unpleasant

@trishussey It is not perfect. It also works. That said, I’m a fan of a few things:

“Done is the engine of more.”
– Manifesto of Done

“Pragmatic Ingenuity”
– Core Value

Hopefully ended a reply-all chain at work. (And hopefully I don't get any nastygrams.)

Hi all!
I'm officially a free agent! If you're looking for a backend or full stack dev, let me know! My experience is primarily Ruby & Rails, but mostly I care about making stuff that solves real problems with awesome people who are empathetic and empowered. Let me know if that's your company!

Sports sports sports! And whisky. (When I'm not working or being a responsible father, that is.)

Not every day you learn new corporate slang. Or rather, consultant-speak. To "double click" something is to emphasize it.

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