A thing I’ve been doing: every time Richard Feynman is held up as a model genius scientist, or I find myself holding him up so, I remind myself that he held meetings in strip clubs, *AND HE WROTE THIS IN SURELY, YOU’RE JOKING*, and teenage me didn’t realize how much of a problem that was (and that’s just One Example of his horrendous behavior)

That... totally works. Also, they don’t overspend their allowance etc etc @lmorchard

ALSO, 10x moderators exist, only they were run out of the industry @fraying @genmon

I am confused by the tech industry’s failure to grasp how social issues can’t be tech-scaled because for all the pressure to make Snow Crash real, this observation forms the backbone of The Diamond Age... @genmon

Please tell me you are going to feed them into a text-to-image GAN now... @aparrish

Yeah but they run small so I always make sure I download the 2MB version @annika

Richard Feynman is to the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident as ____________ is to the 737 MAX 8 FAA Investigation

How late are they allowed to stay out without phoning home? @lmorchard

He ran into the situation room clutching a sheaf of papers.

“Madam President, we have the first translation of the Arecibo message. 95% confidence.”
“A short message in ASCII encoding. It says ‘link in bio’.”
“Does anyone know what this means?”
“If I may, Madam President-“
Eyebrows raised.
“Simpkins, Madam President. With the Comms team. It appears the aliens are familiar with instagram.”

which usenet newsgroup were you most terrified of when google bought dejanews

That feeling where you’re checking if any of the flights you’re on for the next few weeks are 737 MAX 8s 😐

Star Trek, general 

Look at warp ten it’s totally accurate thatbypi pass through every point in the universe simultaneously

That’s what you meant about threshold, right? ;) @sanspoint

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