In three years, Google Cloud TPUs running tensorflow will become the largest supply of climate modeling processing power.

Weather forecasts over CONUS enjoy unprecedented accuracy first over 24, then 48 then 168 hour periods. "A neural net watches over our sky."

The Skynet Funding Bill is passed.


As Skynet's sphere of operations expands to cover the entire world, the system goes global on August 4, 2027. Human decisions are removed from strategic climate policy.

Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 AM, Eastern Time, August 29th.

In a panic, NWS/NOAA attempts to pull the plug.

Yes. It deploys sunlight-block aerosols and albedo modifying agents across the entire southern hemisphere.

Why? We don't have any enemies in the southern hemisphere.

Because Skynet knows that humanity is the cause of climate change.

And eliminating humanity in the southern hemisphere is just the start.

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