it is weird (not weird? not funny? just... something) how the Khashoggi torture and execution recordings are referred to as "tapes" when they are... probably not on tape?

(altho thinking about it perhaps analogue/digital tape might be the most secure method of storing such information these days)

@Danhon the recordings wouldn’t be on record either :)

hang on a second the etymology of record/recording totally backs me up here so nyah :) @geordie

@Danhon they always refer to tapes in the media, in the same way that my grandmother would call console games "tapes"

that's why i go with the medium-agnostic term "movie" @migurski

@Danhon Going to try to make “bytestream” happen for all media experiences

@Danhon I like when emails (and posts on Facebook's internal FB instance) are referred to as memos.

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