A thing I’ve been doing: every time Richard Feynman is held up as a model genius scientist, or I find myself holding him up so, I remind myself that he held meetings in strip clubs, *AND HE WROTE THIS IN SURELY, YOU’RE JOKING*, and teenage me didn’t realize how much of a problem that was (and that’s just One Example of his horrendous behavior)

Richard Feynman is to the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident as ____________ is to the 737 MAX 8 FAA Investigation

He ran into the situation room clutching a sheaf of papers.

“Madam President, we have the first translation of the Arecibo message. 95% confidence.”
“A short message in ASCII encoding. It says ‘link in bio’.”
“Does anyone know what this means?”
“If I may, Madam President-“
Eyebrows raised.
“Simpkins, Madam President. With the Comms team. It appears the aliens are familiar with instagram.”

which usenet newsgroup were you most terrified of when google bought dejanews

That feeling where you’re checking if any of the flights you’re on for the next few weeks are 737 MAX 8s 😐

wait the Vulcan science academy uses humanity as a fuzzer for their software?

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NaNoWriMo but in the ST:TNG universe is like “hey everyone let’s write a holonovel” but actually is also “oops what failsafe protocols did we forget to include in holodeckOS this year”

“I’ve seen Streak post that ‘engineers wanted’ as for at least four weeks in a row at Hacker News, surely they’ve made it a habit by now?”

And “in a rare reversal, the photo sharing Charismatic Megawebsite Flickr had its conservation status downgraded by UNESCO from Endangered to Conservation Dependent upon its sale from Oath to former rival Smugmug.”

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As in, “extinct charismatic megawebsites such as Geocities”; and

“Concern has increased that Tumblr will soon be categorized as a Critically Endangered Charismatic Megawebsite in this year’s annual UNESCO session on digital culture, marking an escalation from its categorization in 2017 as an Endangered Charismatic Megawebsite following parent company Yahoo!’s acquisition by Verizon Media.”

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And eliminating humanity in the southern hemisphere is just the start.

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Because Skynet knows that humanity is the cause of climate change.

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Why? We don't have any enemies in the southern hemisphere.

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Yes. It deploys sunlight-block aerosols and albedo modifying agents across the entire southern hemisphere.

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