“OK. But you said ‘but’…”

“I had a family in three months ago. I heard that they moved to Amsterda-“


She nodded. “I thought…”

I had to shake my head. “No. My other citizenship is British.”

“Ah. I’m sorry.” Dead air. Brightly, in admirable attempt to move on: “Well, everything else looks great!”

I looked at her, looked back at my son and the little nodule on his back that would only get bigger as he got older. She saw my look and coughed.

“Uh. That won’t be the only one. I mean, that one will get bigger. In all likelihood, more will grow.”

“Well, can we remove it?”

Our doctor smiled, the kind of sad smile before giving an often-used reply that wouldn’t make anyone happy.

“You can try. Here.” She clicked on a link to an explainer from the EFF. There was a table of contents. One of the steps was about the different kinds of public assistance available, if you couldn’t retain a lawyer, to go about submitting an DRR, a Data Removal Request.

I pulled a face.

“Has this ever worked?”

“This? I haven’t heard of it working, no. But…”

“Wait, they’re storing data *on* children?”

“Oh yes.” She tapped in a Google search and swung the monitor around so we could see. “It looks like it was the result of some unfortunately worded government regulation. It was supposed to be about companies storing data *about* children, but instead had very stringent requirements about how data should be stored *on* children.”

I did my best “disbelief” look.

At my son’s annual checkup with his pediatrician, we noticed what looked like a small bump on his back.

“What’s this? I’ve never seen it before,” I asked.

“Hmm. I’ve got an idea, but let me check.”

Our doctor took a look, snapped a picture, routed it to the practice EHR for a first pass diagnostic.

“Ah yes. We started seeing these a few months ago. The tech companies have started storing data on children, and this is one of the storage modules.”

Also I didn’t think the writing was that great, despite the big Iain M Banks endorsement on each book

Hate-reading Michael Cobley’s Humanity’s Fire space opera series from the library and just ONE of the irritating things is how 99% of the important characters are all dudes, EVEN MACHINE INTELLIGENCES

Arranged marriages between family houses to create new cryptographically secure mother’s maiden names for a descendent household

“So you know this email is genuine, we’ve included a locket of your hair.”

Sarah Conner cosplay at Facebook’s developer conference, busy carving NO F8 BUT WHAT WE MAKE into all the tables

Totally googled “how to drive out of a snow drift” and it worked (thanks, Jalopnik)

how does george soros get it all done
does he get up at like 5:30am to do his meditation and yoga and then a juice cleanse and then tennis and then a morning meetings with his world shadow council and then a vegan lunch and then more meetings with his world shadow council and then take time out to mentor the new deep state apprentices under his wing then a power nap (10 mins) then a half hour meeting in a high oxygen chamber and then another snack of raw vegetables and then another shadow wor-

🎶 Stacy's mom has got content goin' on
🎶 Stacy's mom has got content goin' on

🎶 Stacy's mom has got content goin' on
She's got the audience I want and I've waited so long
Stacy, can't you see? You don't have the sites for me
I know it might be wrong, but I wanna acquire Stacy's mom

🎶 You know, I'm not the little streamer I used to be
I'm all grown up now, did a vidcon keynote didn't you see 🎶

🎶 Stacy, can I put a sponsored post on your blog
Your mom's not like the other moms
She's digital not analog
Did your mom get back from her con
Is she there, or is she checking out mastodon

🎶 Stacy's mom has got content goin' on
🎶 Stacy's mom has got content goin' on
🎶 Stacy's mom has got content goin' on
🎶 Stacy's mom has got content goin' on

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