A List Of My Undocumented Features And Behaviors

wait the Vulcan science academy uses humanity as a fuzzer for their software?

NaNoWriMo but in the ST:TNG universe is like “hey everyone let’s write a holonovel” but actually is also “oops what failsafe protocols did we forget to include in holodeckOS this year”

“I’ve seen Streak post that ‘engineers wanted’ as for at least four weeks in a row at Hacker News, surely they’ve made it a habit by now?”

And “in a rare reversal, the photo sharing Charismatic Megawebsite Flickr had its conservation status downgraded by UNESCO from Endangered to Conservation Dependent upon its sale from Oath to former rival Smugmug.”

As in, “extinct charismatic megawebsites such as Geocities”; and

“Concern has increased that Tumblr will soon be categorized as a Critically Endangered Charismatic Megawebsite in this year’s annual UNESCO session on digital culture, marking an escalation from its categorization in 2017 as an Endangered Charismatic Megawebsite following parent company Yahoo!’s acquisition by Verizon Media.”

And eliminating humanity in the southern hemisphere is just the start.

Because Skynet knows that humanity is the cause of climate change.

Why? We don't have any enemies in the southern hemisphere.

Yes. It deploys sunlight-block aerosols and albedo modifying agents across the entire southern hemisphere.

Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 AM, Eastern Time, August 29th.

In a panic, NWS/NOAA attempts to pull the plug.

As Skynet's sphere of operations expands to cover the entire world, the system goes global on August 4, 2027. Human decisions are removed from strategic climate policy.

Weather forecasts over CONUS enjoy unprecedented accuracy first over 24, then 48 then 168 hour periods. "A neural net watches over our sky."

The Skynet Funding Bill is passed.

Over 98% of climate modeling and forecasting will run on Google Cloud TPUs and climate change mitigation policy will become human-free.

In three years, Google Cloud TPUs running tensorflow will become the largest supply of climate modeling processing power.

This Fibonacci joke is as bad as the last two Fibonacci jokes you heard combined

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